Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So cute you might puke

or, a Halloween Retrospective:

I'm a court jester
Little pumpkin with a little pumpkin (2002)

Let's get rolling!
My duckling and Julie's ladybug (2003)

Quack or treat
There's that duck again (2004)

Hey, that princess fairy turned my baby into a lion! (2005)

We're all about the recycling
Dancing fairy and zeee-ba (2006)

And one puking pumpkin. Happy Halloween!


Binkytown said...

That 2005 picture is the sweetest thing ever- next to the puking pumpkin of course..

Nancy said...

Oh, I love the costume retrospectives.

And hey, Rosie had that same lion costume (from 2005) for her first Halloween! It was great because she was just a month old and it was cuddly and warm.

Lady M said...

I loved seeing the growing kids! So cute!

Is it going to be warm enough to go Trick or Treating in the fairy ballerina costume?

Mayberry said...

Lady M--it was so not warm enough. The dancing fairy had on a t-shirt and turtleneck under her leotard, plus a pink & purple sweater over it (I can't even believe she allowed that), plus legwarmers and mittens. She still froze her little wings off!

Suzanne said...

So, so cute. I love seeing how they've grown over the pumpkin seasons.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are fun photos!! I love to see them grow up!

Jamie said...

So cute! really like this idea. I love digital scrapbooking so I may have to borrow it for a layout!

Karianna said...

Awwwwww! Love it. Darling!