Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Little pitchers

Scene 1: Jo's room. She is trying to diaper her Bitty Baby with an actual newborn-size Huggies, and struggling. I ask her if she wants help and she replies, with great condescension, "I'm trying to learn how to be a Mom!"

Oh, sweetie. If only mad diapering skillz = great mom.

Scene 2: Family room. Opie is playing with a toy bottle of milk (also, as it happens, belonging to Bitty Baby). He comes across an old birthday card with drawings of dolls on it, and proceeds to press the bottle (business end first) near the dolls' mouths, over and over.

Okay then. Duly noted: Two small stalkers are watching my every move.

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mothergoosemouse said...

The eerie cross-country similarities continue. CJ has recently discovered the Bitty Baby milk bottle, and she has been feeding the Little Princess in the "I Want My Potty!" board book.

Meanwhile, Tacy has "filled" that milk bottle from one of her breasts. The other breast contains orange juice, which the Bitty Baby prefers at her night feedings.

I miss you guys.