Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You must bemember this

My daughter, almost 4, has always been pretty articulate. She spoke early and even strangers could understand her baby babble most of the time. One of her first words was a dead-on imitation of the way one of her caregivers said "Happy, happy, happy" in a Spanish-inflected, singsongy voice.

So I have to record these mispronunciations before they disappear (I'll come and add to this when I think of some more):

Bemember for remember
Ploss for floss
Unline for rewind
Soil sauce for soy sauce (this after an ugly incident in which an entire bottle of the stuff exploded in our refrigerator, making it look and smell like the alley behind your local Chinese dive)

Already gone:
Caffle for waffle
Cheeeenit butter for peanut butter (especially effective when paired, as in "I wanna caffle with cheeeenit butter for breakfast")

And then there's the preschooler logic factor. Witness:

[The scene: In the car driving home from school. The daily report notes that she refused to sleep and was disruptive during naptime.]
Me: What happened today? Miss Michelle said you didn't take a nap.
Jo: Well, after naptime we were having C's birthday and I was just too excited to sleep. So I took my sleeping bag and put it away.
Me: And what did Miss Michelle say?
Jo: She said I had to take a nap.
Me: And what did you do then?
Jo: I said I had no place to sleep.


mothergoosemouse said...

Oh, how I miss her.

I'm familiar with that logic too.

Catizhere said...

My 2 1/2 y.o says:

Cancakes = pancakes
Popdanancle = popsicle
merember = remember

Mayberry said...

Cat, that reminds me of another one--Josie always confuses "popsicle" and "lollipop." Can't blame her, I guess!