Tuesday, March 07, 2006

As charged

When in doubt (or short on time), make a list.

Things that make me feel guilty:

  1. Not keeping in closer touch with friends. Wish I had made more time for phone calls and e-mails.

  2. That our dinner hour is always a rush. I wish I could master cooking (or at least assembling) a healthy meal, setting it on the table, and enjoying it with the family. Instead, I’m constantly popping up and down trying to placate the baby, finish reheating some thing or another, picking up a dropped fork, cleaning up a spill, etc.

  3. Neglecting our dog. Of course we feed her, let her outside, keep her shots up to date, and show her some attention from time to time, but I haven’t taken her on a real walk in weeks, and am constantly shooing her out of the way because she’s trying to steal food from one of the kids.

  4. Using TV as a babysitter. I'm fine with allowing Jo to watch TV (it's always Noggin anyway) but when I know it's because I am just too lazy to engage her in some other activity, I feel bad.

Things that do not make me feel guilty in the least:

  1. Buying/serving jarred baby food (although we're almost past that stage now).

  2. Working (for pay, although not outside my home) and sending my kids to child care.

  3. Paying someone to clean my house.

  4. Eating dessert. Every day. At least once if not more often.

Guilty pleasures:

  1. Pedicures

  2. Crappy TV (for myself, for the kids, see above).

  3. Scones from Great Harvest Bread Company

  4. Blogging when I should be working

1 comment:

mothergoosemouse said...

Ditto the guilties, except for #3, which is why I insist upon remaining pet-free for the time being.

Ditto the not guilties, except for #3 again. I will substitute my lack of guilt regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Love the guilty pleasures too!