Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am never getting on an airplane again*

So this time, there was no puking, but instead there was: Arriving at the airport at 7 a.m. with 2 small children, 2 suitcases + 1 pack-n-play, 1 stroller, 2 "carry-on" bags each weighing more than the larger of the small children ... and learning that we missed our plane because we thought we were booked on an 8:30 a.m. flight, when in fact we were booked on a 6:30 a.m. flight. And, sorry, everything is full for today so you'll have to come back tomorrow.

Other than that, we had a lovely little vacation in sunny San Diego. My sister has a newfound appreciation for parental sleep deprivation. She shared a room with Jo and was treated to a nightly concert of snoring, thumb-slurping, and rolling into walls/onto the floor with loud thuds, not to mention the Opie wails coming from the neighboring room.

Highlights for Jo included seeing polar bear poop at the zoo, hearing about hippo poop at the zoo, the "Shampoo" show at the "requarium," aka SeaWorld (by the way: what a racket! It cost us $200 to get in--3 adults, 1 child, and that doesn't include $10 for parking), wading in the ocean, new sunglasses and sneakers, and above all, the enormous snow cone (I'm talking bigger than her head) her dad bought her at Belmont Park. For a child whose favorite Christmas present was an ice shaver, this was ambrosia in a purple, plastic, flower-shaped cone.

Opie enjoyed practicing his walking skills, cramming fistfuls of dehydrated apple bits and refried beans into his mouth, climbing every flight of stairs he could get near, and charming the pants off of passers-by, waitresses, fellow diners, and the grandmother seated beside us on the flight home (once we actually boarded, 24 hours later than planned). He liked the Shampoo show too, demonstrating his glee with all manner of points, claps, chortles, and grins.

All in all, a success. We stayed in a private home rented for the occasion. It's the only way to go when traveling en famille--for less than the price of a hotel room, we had 2.5 baths, a washer/dryer, a fenced yard, a parking space, and a full kitchen.

More later on assault and battery, breast pumps, and other fascinating topics!

*Actually, we have trips planned for May, June, and July. The last one is for BlogHer so I'll be flying alone--which will make my seat in coach feel like first class on You Can't Afford It Air.

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mothergoosemouse said...

They turned you AWAY? I think I would have sat down on the concourse floor and cried.

The rest of the trip sounds wonderful. I loved your descriptions of the kids and everything they did. As always, Jo and Tacy are on the same page - the poop would have been a highlight for her too. And without you, I haven't been to Gymboree in ages. It's just not the same.