Monday, June 12, 2006


June 10, 2006: First time I sensed that my child was about to throw up, grabbed a towel, held it under her chin, and caught every ounce so that not a single drop landed on her fancy party dress, my fancy party dress, or the leather interior of my mother's (leased) car while it was going 70 mph.

Aside from the fact that I felt bad for poor Jo, I was pretty proud of myself.

More to come re the fancy party (celebrating my mother's retirement) but I'm home for just one day before Opie and I take Manhattan. I'm headed to work for a few days of meetings.


Nancy said...

Wow. That's pretty impressive. The one time Mimi threw up in a car, it happened to be my vomit-averse dad's car, and the stuff went everywhere.

Hope Jo is feeling better soon!

Lady M said...

That's quite an impressive skill. I am hoping I'll never need to do the same, but that would be a laughable hope.

I enjoy reading your stuff! I'm going to BlogHer too - maybe we'll cross paths.

Binkytown said...

Well without a doubt your talents are endless! I'm afraid of vomit so doing what you did would have terrified me and then probably made me vomit all over everything :) Good work mom!