Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Off like a dirty shirt

We're on our way outta town. Not to eat grapefruit in France or show off our undies in Disneyworld or even stalk Elmo at Sesame Place, though. No, we're headed to the home of the Steamtown Mall, the Anthracite Heritage Museum, the St. Ubaldo Day Festival, and the (sadly fictional) Dunder Mifflin, Inc. (oh I'm glad I googled that, otherwise I would have missed out on Dwight's advice on protecting yourself from ninjas). Did you know that Avoca "International" Airport (serving Scranton-Wilkes Barre) does not stock any "Office" goodies? Don't you think that is a terribly missed opportunity?

Anyway. Heading out tomorrow to visit the mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, great aunt-in-law, and other assorted -in-laws. Somehow my suggestion "Why don't you take the kids to visit your mother while I'm at BlogHer" became "Why don't we all go see my mother for a nice long visit for her birthday." I am nothing if not dutiful (snort) so we leave tomorrow. Plus the tickets were hundreds of dollars less for this particular weekend (why do you tease me, Northworst Airlines?).

I didn't line up any guest posters, so here is a round of "two truths and a lie" to keep you busy.

1. There are ninjas in the park by my house every Tuesday and Thursday evening.
2. Put together, my grandmother-in-law's maiden and married names contain 8 syllables.
3. When I was a kid, our local airport (not in Mayberry) had two gates ("in" and "out") and the waiting area was a few folding chairs in a trailer.

Take your guesses in the comments, and post your own truths and lies if you're game.


Suzanne said...

Am I falling into an easy trap here, or is the ninjas-in-the-park item the false one?

Have a great trip!

Julie Pippert said...

Have a great trip!!

We're preparing to leave town too, but err. not for fun. Just in case either tropical storm turns into a hurricane. Like, the one scheduled to hit tomorrow...a few more mph and a map inch to the north and we are hosed.

PunditMom said...

Oh, that's in my old neck of the woods! That's a might fine airport they've got there in Avoca! ;) We're headed that way by car this weekend for my parent's 50th wedding anniv. And sorry about the grapfruit!

Lady M said...

I think it's # 2 because there were nine syllables.

The small town where I grew up had an airport like that too. No conveyor belt for the luggage, just a platform where someone lined up the bags.

calm mama said...

I was sure the ninjas were the fake, but now, the syllables seem like the likely suspect...

Here's mine:

1. My mother sold AVON to Elvis Presley's entourage in the early 70s

2. I once appeared on the "hit" show "Puttin' on the Hits," as one of the Go-Go's

3. Groucho Marx tweaked my cheeks when I was a baby.

Mrs. Chicken said...

I'm taking the ninjas as truth.

Have a good (?) trip!

binkytown said...

Ooh! Have fun.

And I totally believe there are Ninjas in the park by your house.

Lawyer Mama said...

Well, I hope she didn't hyphenate!

yh said...

Hee hee... I think the lie is the family name-syllable one.. (though I'm probably wrong -- always am). Have a great trip... and be safe.

As a first-time visitor, it was an interesting read.

mothergoosemouse said...

I can't believe they don't stock Office supplies. Huge oversight.

I should know the answer to the truths and lies, but I don't. I do wonder about the ninjas though - that seems awfully non-Mayberry.

Kelly said...

Oooh, ooh, ooh! I've been to the Anthracite Heritage Museum! And I got my period there, unexpectedly! Right after the ride. Good times, good times.

Lara said...

i am unbelievably awful at this game. please don't make me embarrass myself by guessing.

also, i gave you an award at my place, so when you get back, come check it out! :)

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Have fun! And personally I think it's a trick question and they are ALL true.