Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh my word

Word World DogAfter a long day of nonstop playing and learning at child care, my kids--especially Miss "In the school-age room we don't take naps"--usually want nothing more than to veg in front of the TV for awhile. I can't blame them. But I do feel bad parking them in front of the tube after we've been apart all day.

So when I can, I at least hunker down and watch with them. Recently, thanks to the Parent Bloggers Network, we got a sneak preview of an upcoming PBS Kids show: Word World. Its clever premise is that the six main characters, as well as many of the places and things in their environment, are made up of letters. Check out the cute puppy and house above to see what I mean.

To learn what we thought of the show, visit my brand-new review blog, The Full Mommy! I've joined forces with six other fabulous bloggers and together we are going to keep you posted on the latest and greatest (and not-so-greatest) products we've discovered. Please come visit!

And also: As you've guessed, the ninjas are the lie, photographic evidence notwithstanding. 'Cause they don't have masks or throwing stars. But I still keep my distance.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

My kids are the exact SAME WAY only now that Miss C is in "big school" (kindergarten) I let her watch a show and then we sit and talk about her homework and THEN she can watch more boob tube.

But yeah we have major veg out TV time in the afternoons. Sponge Bob is also nice if the hubby and I are eating dinner late and we want some peace and quiet. ;)

I've seen the promos for the new show...I like the concept!

Rose said...

I've been using the TV as a distraction when my toddler gets too antsy while I'm nursing the baby. Some days I feel bad when the first hour merges into the second, but I rationalize that she's watching Noggin and at least there are no commercials. lol

ps. You're my blog exchange partner. Shoot me an email!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Ha! I knew it! No killing stars, no ninjas! ;)

And that show looks cute!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Oh, and all Declan wanted for the past week of 100+ heat and long daycare days was his LITTLE BILL COMPUTER GAME. So, I plopped him down on my Mac and checked email on my iPhone next to him while he played.

Quality parenting, that.