Monday, May 08, 2006


I'm back after a weekend away--my first time shepherding the kids on an airplane alone. Make that two airplanes, two airports, and a rental car (each way). It was actually not bad. The last flight was the worst one. Opie was tired and had a very hard time settling down to sleep. He alternated between screaming and dozing fitfully. During one of the screaming parts, just after the batteries died on the DVD player, Jo spilled a huge cup of water all over her lap. I rooted around in my overstuffed carry-on with my one free hand, trying to find a spare pair of underwear for her, but couldn't manage it. After a small freak-out she stoically agreed to sit in wet underwear for the rest of the flight.

But the other three flights went well. Opie snacked and played peek-a-boo with the people sitting behind us. Jo watched DVDs and colored and sculpted with play-dough and sang weird little songs ("And there was a princess, and then came a bad witch, and they all died, and they never came back to life, la la la!").

We visited one of my oldest friends, who recently had her third baby. I generally hate those silly parenting-magazine "humor" columns that compare Baby #1 with #s 2, 3, and beyond. But I did have a "my-how-things-change" moment during this trip.

How to nurse a baby
First child: Position yourself at fully equipped station: comfortable chair, with pillow behind back and footrest; Boppy or other nursing pillow; cloth diaper (for spit-ups); table with glass of water, telephone, remote control, book or magazine. Also a paper and pen for logging time nursing started, how long it lasted, which breast used. While nursing, gaze lovingly at gorgeous baby, or catch up on reading. Burp and diaper baby immediately following each feeding, changing his clothes for good measure.

Second child: Find seat somewhere near where older child is playing. Wonder: Where did I leave that Boppy again? Poke breasts to see which one seems more engorged--must be time to start on that side. While nursing, use free hand to color with older child, change channels for her, fix broken toys, etc. Afterwards, absently pat baby's back while accompanying older child to the potty. Change baby's diaper when you notice the smell.

Third child: Latch baby on while standing in driveway supervising older children as they ride bikes. Change diaper when it begins to leak.

See? It's amazing how you can do so much more than you thought you could.


mothergoosemouse said...

Oh so true. And a very good reminder of why I simply cannot handle a third child.

I'm glad the trip was fun and the traveling was relatively uneventful.

Nancy said...

LOL at the differences between the 3 babies -- I only have 2, but what a difference even between those two!

I had to laugh when I read about your daughter's weird songs on the plane. It sounds like something my older daughter would do. She's just been telling my husband and I, in intricate detail, about how she and her friends were reinacting fairy tales at school today. :-)

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