Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Am I the only one who

...is about to throw up every time I open my yahoo mail because of the revolting ads for toe fungus treatment (click if you dare)?

...can't fall asleep at night because I am too busy mulling over potential blog posts?

...should really not be allowed to work from home, what with the constant checking of Sitemeter and Bloglines and the fungus-polluted email?

...doesn't understand why those bathub tint tablets come in yellow, so that my child looks like she's soaking in a large tub of urine?

...has a toddler with a jones for choking hazards, having consumed, this evening, not only popcorn but also large dried cherries, raw carrots, and giant chunks of sausage?

...can't understand the appeal of Crocs? They look Smurfish to me.


Jamie said...

My brother has a running joke about Digger, the fungus treatment "mascot." I have actually tried to avoid my laptop late at night. I get too "wound up" as my mama would say. And yes, on the bathtub tablets...that yellow tint is just wrong. WRONG I tell you.

p.s. I worked from home last year...now I'm in the office and I STILL check Sitemeter and Bloglines. It's an addiction I tell you.

mothergoosemouse said...

The firewall at my former workplace banned Sitemeter. It nearly killed me. That's actually the reason I quit.

Crocs - bleah. First saw them when we moved out here, and their popularity doesn't seem to have waned one bit. I understand they're comfortable, but I have plenty of other comfortable shoes that are much prettier.

We haven't bought the bathtub tablets in a looooooong time. But yes, yellow was the least favorite color.

And oh yes on the choking hazards. Regular consumption of raisins, craisins, and baby carrots.

Nancy said...

Oh, I almost wish my workplace would ban Bloglines and Sitemeter. Most days I'm able to resist, but on those flagging energy days I'm like a moth drawn to the light...

I don't get the Crocs either. I hear they are very comfy but I just can't get beyond their strange appearance.

bubandpie said...

Lack of sleep - check.

Hitting Site Meter instead of working - check.

Toe fungus - nope. I use Hotmail. And now I'm glad!

Jenny said...

I'm so going to get fired for my blog checking at work. I need an intervention I think.