Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BlogHer BlatHer

In preparation for That Which You Are All Sick Of Already, I have:

  • Imported my mother-in-law and her gentleman friend to distract the children from my absence
  • Saved up several NY Times Sunday crossword puzzles and trashy magazines to enjoy on the airplane, something I dreamt about doing during each of the many, many recent flights I spent doling out freeze-dried apples and Color Wonder markers instead
  • Upped my alcohol intake in a (useless) effort to boost my tolerance
  • Quit my job and given away my children and dog so I’ll have time to read all the new bloggers I’ll want to follow after I return. Just kidding. But I’m so jealous of Amalah’s job, aren’t you?
  • Unearthed a bunch of old business cards (haven't used them in two years since I started telecommuting) and added my URL to them—is that cheesy?
  • NOT written a bunch of posts and set them up to publish in my absence. Even if I had the wherewithal to come up with the posts, I don’t think Blogger would let a freeloader like me set up a “publish on” date. So you’re stuck with this lame entry until Monday, because …(true confession time) I don’t have a laptop. I know! Have a good weekend, wherever you’ll be.

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