Saturday, July 08, 2006

Out of the mouths

Jo (each and every time we enter a public restroom; hands clamped firmly over ears): Mommy! Does this one have youmagic flushers?


Jo: Mommy, I'm going to say something you're not going to like, but it's okay because no one else is here. That [bathtub/sand pail/doll shoe/banana] is...... stupid! [clamps hand over mouth, giggles hysterically]


Opie: New words every day! Not sure if it is the ear tubes or just his age, but his current vocabulary includes: mama, dada, gaga (we think it means Grandpa), dah! (dog or duck), ka or ki-ka (cat), ish (fish), uh-oh, and the charming "Nnnn! Nnnnnnnnn! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" which seems to mean "nuk" or "nurse." Words we've heard just once or twice: apple, bubble, please, shoe, woof. Not a lot of usefulness, but plenty of cuteness.


Lady M said...

Fun with words! I know what you mean by the "heard it once" words - Q said "night-night" to us at bedtime last week. We've been prompting him at bedtime, but he hasn't said it again. Well, I'm sure that it'll appear again someday.

Best wishes with the interpretation. We're making a lot of guesses these days!

mothergoosemouse said...

Sighing with envy at all the words. We've still got lots of maniacal shrieking and pointing (and an occasional "pssssssss!" with a grin and a swipe of the hand across her chest).

Nancy said...

Mimi hates the automatic flushers, too.

And we're seeing a little more progress with Rosie since her tubes -- yesterday I almost fell over when she said "Dis is a ball." J and I think the sentence-sounding aspect of it may have been an accident, though. ;-)