Friday, August 11, 2006

And furthermore: Riddle me this

If you squint your eyes really tight and look at this post from just the right angle, you’ll see it’s related to the previous one.

And also: I'm not sure how to say the following without sounding whiny or conceited. Neither of which is my intent, and you’ll just have to trust me on that. So:

I am mystified as to why almost none of my real-life friends (0r my husband!?) read my blog. As far as I know, there are exactly two of you out there, although I’ve handed the URL out freely. Only once, though. I’m not gonna BEG.

If any of my RL friends had blogs I would read them compulsively, as Julie knows (of course I would read her blog compulsively even if I didn’t know her IRL, so that’s an imperfect example. But I think you know what I mean). Is it just because I was already an avid blog reader, sometime commenter, and wannabe blogger before I finally got off my lazy ass and started this blog? Are some people just blog-readers and some not? It couldn’t be because I’m boring or anything (she says, obviously whoring for comments)?

It’s just a surprise to me. I don’t know why, but I never expected to be so captivated by the social aspect of blogging—the feeling of knowing another blogger, of recognizing people’s comments and URLs across the blogosphere, of hoping you’ll get a response from certain favorites when you post on a particular topic. I guess I’d like to bring that new dimension into some RL friendships, and I’m sorry that it hasn’t happened. The good news, of course, is how many wonderful new friends I’ve made (see updated blogroll!). I may not have met all of you in person, but I appreciate your stopping by, whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month.

And if you are a RL friend, and you are reading, then out yourself before I start talking about you behind your back!


Jamie said...

When I started blogging last fall it was primarily to keep family and friends updated on my girls. Then I realized that most non-bloggers (which is almost everyone I know in RL) do not read blogs. My mother reads my blog daily and three of my RL girlfriends read occasionally, but rarely comment.

Jamie said...

p.s. thanks for adding me to your blogroll! :)

my oldest sister told me she would occasionally read my blog but had no time to read others...hmmm...she doesn't really understand the appeal

mothergoosemouse said...

None of them? Really?

Stacey and my dad are the only ones who read me regularly (other than you, of course!). Others do sporadically, but even the rest of my family/Kyle's family doesn't keep up the way I think they would. Which is probably good, as it keeps me writing on topics OTHER than the girls.

I definitely agree with you on the community aspect, especially after attending BlogHer. Having met so many people makes me even more excited about meeting others next year.

Binkytown said...

I feel the same way. I think there are people who get blogs and people who don't. Those of us who blog and get blogs will understand this. For the record, my best friend doesnt read it either, even though she knows it's important to me(the blog)and I've written some really nice things about her there! I don't think she means to blow it off, she just doesn't get it.

Piece of Work said...

I love when my real life friends leave me comments! More often, though--at least in the case of real life friends who are not also bloggers--they will send me an email about a post, rather than commenting.
I think some people just don't get it/don't enjoy it the same way.
My husband doesn't read my blog, even though he has the URL and he's welcome to. At first it bothered me, but now I'm used to it.
Also, because my family doesn't know about the blog I haven't given out the URL to *everyone*.

pizzaface said...

Oh fer crying out loud. I just *happen* to check out your blog, "mayberry mom," and here you are carping about your RL friends, like moi!
Why am I reading it now? To be honest, because people at work are talking about blogging, and we might start one for the magazines I work for, and I just wanted to get more familiar with the format. It's NOT that I'm not interested in you or your life, May.Mom, as you well know! But who has time for this??? (blog reading/writing in general, I mean, and I don't mean to suggest that bloggers have all kinds of spare time. I know for certain that May.Mom doesn't). My feeling is, though, that I have enough stuff to read and digest every day without adding blogs to the mix. I tend to stay in touch with my RL friends (like May.Mom) via phone and e-mail, which so far has worked for me.
So although I feel like I "get" blogging, I don't get the need for it. Hmmmm, maybe I *am* missing something?? Is it that bloggers share a dimension of themselves that the blog reader wouldn't otherwise get in a one-on-one exchange? And/or does blogging fill a need on the part of the blogger? e.g. it's another creative outlet? I dunno.
Anyway, this is why I don't regularly read blogs (though I am going to try to check out May.Mom's more regularly. Wouldn't want her talking behind my back!)

roo said...

Well, hell-- they're missing out.

But I do think some people just don't get blogging, or reading blogs. You're certainly not boring.

metro mama said...

Hello, Just found your blog. This really reasonated with me--I gave my URL out to a bunch of friends and I don't think they read.

I find that hard to understand.

metro mama said...

Hello, Just found your blog. This really reasonated with me--I gave my URL out to a bunch of friends and I don't think they read.

I find that hard to understand.