Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy boy stops for books

Thanks for your comments on my previous entry; they are helpful and appreciated.

A year ago I never thought I'd have one blog, but suddenly I'm working on three. In addition to True MIL Confessions, I have a new blog at my work site. It focuses on what's going on with my kids in terms of reading and learning (and it will also serve to promote other content elsewhere on the site, oh-so-subtly of course). I'm not going to link to it here but if you're dying to read it, send me an email or leave a comment and I'll give you the URL. And I'll occasionally reprint entries here, like this one (scroll to the end for gratuitous cute photo):

My son, like most toddlers (especially the boy ones, I’ve noticed!), almost never stops moving. He first rolled over at 3 weeks old, and we’ve had to watch him carefully ever since. He is an accomplished, determined walker and climber (I once caught him standing triumphantly on the kitchen table). Unlike his older sister, he gives TV only a passing glance, and he squirms and fidgets anytime he is confined in a stroller, car seat, or high chair. He’s not interested in cuddling or snuggling unless he’s just bumped his head or skinned his knee — or unless we are reading a book together.

First thing in the morning, before we leave his room, change his diaper, or wake up his big sister, we spend 20 minutes or more just looking at books together. He trundles back and forth to his bookshelf with his favorite treasures, then plops down on my lap to flip through the pages with me. Lately he’s partial to a couple of Bob the Builder board books shaped like a hammer and a saw. He loves it when I gently tap him with the hammer or rub the bumpy edges of the saw against his leg. And he adores First Mighty Movers, announcing “hot rod!” when he sees the picture of the souped-up car (complete with flame detailing) on the first page. He also digs The Very Hungry Caterpillar, especially the Saturday page where we get to see the caterpillar’s biggest meal of all.

Once the day gets going, Opie's usually too busy to stop for a story. But by bedtime, he’s ready to wind down with a few more books. He even seems to know that Goodnight Moon is a perfect evening choice, although he still wants his car book too. Whatever he picks is okay with me. We’re both getting a lot out of our storytime.

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Binkytown said...

I want the link! I want the link!

We are heavy into Blues Clues books at the moment. No doubt, some of the best time spent out of my busy day.

mothergoosemouse said...

You blogger, you!

I'm absolutely tickled whenever CJ brings me a book. Like Opie, she's more active than her big sister and rarely wants to sit still for anything. I also love to see which books become her favorites - again, so different from Tacy.

And that picture is wonderful. I can hardly wait to see all four kids together!!