Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ask and ye shall ... oh never mind

I. Jo has previously complained that her ears feel "itchy" inside.

Me: How are your ears feeling? Are they still itchy?
Jo [drops everything to rub ears]: Yes!!
Me: Do they feel like that all the time, or just right now because I asked you?
Jo: Just right now because you asked me.

II. Jeff and Jo are discussing her fifth birthday, less than three months away.

Jeff: What are you going to do about your thumbelina when you turn five? Five-year-olds don't suck their thumbs.
Jo: This five-year-old does.

III. My friend J. is staying at her sister's. Her 4-year-old niece, E., wakes her with a question.

E.: Why did that Jeez guy die?
J.: Cheese g... ohhh, you mean Jesus?? Um. Well, Jesus died so we all can go to heaven.
E.: But why did they kill him?

IV. And a few of my own (aka live-blogging my trip to NYC):
  • Why in the world is there a 7-Eleven on the corner of 84th and York? What the hell?

  • Where do restaurants buy their bathroom sinks? They are so tiny. There must be a special section in the restaurant supply catalog. Right between the huge tins of olive oil and the packs of bi-fold napkins, you can select a sink that's 8 inches across.

  • How long have I been living in the upper midwest? Everyone here is talking about how freezing it is. It's 25 degrees people! Not 25 below!


TB said...

If it's below 60, it might as well be 25 below as far as I'm concerned. I would never, ever make it through a winter in Mayberry. I am a delicate flower.

mothergoosemouse said...

Yeah, the whole turning five business has had no impact on Tacy's affection for her thumb either. I wonder if there's a "stop sucking through hypnosis" program yet?

Karianna said...

25 is very cold.

Anything that requires I scrape my windshield is cold.

California Kari

Lisa said...

THIS 5 year old does. heehee. Love that!

I'm pretty sure that if my son met your daughter, he'd be in love!

SUEB0B said...

Your kid is so funny and smart.

PunditMom said...

HA! The Jeez guy! I love what they take in and what they tune out!

BlondeMom said...

Caitlin is discussing her 5th birthday party, which isn't until JUNE for Pete's sake, and I'm trying desperately to figure out a way to avoid the swim party she wants.

That Jeez guy...snort!

Lady M said...

This five year old knows what she wants!

I am wearing two kinds of thermal underwear under my fleece, and I'm still cold. It's been a long time since I lived in New York. Just a California weather wimp now!

tallulah said...

Haha! "This five year old does."
That's going to be Izzy. He loves his thumb more than anything else in his little life of 3 years. I expect the same response from him at 5.

Jenny said...

Ha! Love it!

PS. Poor Jeez guy.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Envying your trip to NY, no matter what the weather!

Heather said...

9 years in Maryland and I now officially think anything below 40 is cold, I admit I've become a warm blooded wimp--I used to wander around without a coat when it was 20 with Lake Erie winds.