Thursday, February 08, 2007

24 hours of decadence

1. 8 hours alone
  • Mostly in the car, marinating in NPR.
  • Especially charmed by a story on This American Life, about a boy who idolized his late father so much that he decided to build a time machine so he could see his dad again. He spent more than 50 years studying quantum physics so he could figure out how to build the machine. (TAL's web site doesn't allow me to link directly to the story but it's called "Tragedy Minus Time Equals Happily Ever After"; the subject of it also wrote a memoir).
  • A large chai tea latte consumed entirely by me with no one pestering me for a drink of it.
2. 8 hours asleep.
  • Stayed up late.
  • Slept in cushy hotel bed.
  • Woke up at nine-thirty a.m. and read People magazine before taking a hot shower while not also listening for someone yelling "Ma-MAAAAAA!"
3. 8 hours with Julie.
  • Drinks, and appetizers, and an attempted pick-up by a really drunk guy at an Irish bar. I mean, I think Julie and I are cute and all, but we had like 15 years on this guy and were both wearing wedding rings. A few minutes later he was involved in some sort of altercation and was escorted from the bar by a pair of cops.
  • Slept through breakfast, proceeded directly to lunch.
  • Had chocolate fondue for dessert at lunch. Fondue, as in molten chocolate.
Yeah. It was a good day.

P.S.: I didn't include this at first because it technically happened outside of the 24 hours, but the icing on the day's cake was finally, finally meeting my fellow Mayberrian Movin'Mom! I vow that another six months will not pass before it happens again.


mothergoosemouse said...

Mmmmmmmm...I could have bathed in that chocolate. Except the dish was too small.

Thank you again for taking that time away to indulge in some decadence!

Suzanne said...

Wow--that sounds fabulous!

Damselfly said...

You had me at the sleep.

But the fondue made it even better.

Summer said...

Niiiice. And here I am, all excited because the boy's spending the night with my mom tonight, and I'm going to get to go to a BAR. Like a grown-up, you know, just like someone between the ages of 21-29.

movin'mom said...

Hotels are exquisite

as is chocolate

as is time to yourself

as is time with a friend

as is sleeping through breakfast....I'll have some of that!!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Sooooooooo jealous.

BlondeMom said...

OK...that sounds just LOVELY, especially the waking up at 9:30 a.m. part.

My built-in alarms will not let me sleep past 7. Sigh...

Heather said...

Wow, chocolate, sleep and friends isn't that the trifecta?

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Heavenly. It just sounds heavenly.

SUEB0B said...

That sounds fabuloso!

Lady M said...

Sounds delightful! Ah, the pleasure of not sharing your drink with someone small. I've had to give up pearl milk teas, as I'm afraid Q will choke on the tapioca "pearls" when he demands his share.

Kate said...

Hmmm, chocolate, drinks, sleep, alone time. What else did you to make me insanely jealous?

Sounds like a great time!! Everyone needs 24 hours like that. Too bad it was only 24 hours.

Lisa said...

YEAY!!! How cool! SOunds wonderful.

TB said...

There should be some sort of system in place by which all moms get at least one day like that every month.