Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy baby to you (and you and you)

Some of the loveliest ladies in the blogosphere are about to deliver what are sure to be some of the loveliest babies in the blogosphere. So in their honor, here's a little unsolicited counsel (and you're invited to their baby shower--go join in the fun!).

The worst assvice I received as a new mom: "She's still not sleeping through the night? Oh, because you're breastfeeding, that's why." Gee. Thanks. Sooo helpful.

And the best advice, right after "give breastfeeding at least three weeks before you decide to stop": Pick your battles. Baby won't sleep anywhere but the carseat? Buckle him in and enjoy the ride. Toddler will only eat from a red bowl and drink from a red cup? Stock up on the scarlet and dine in peace. Preschooler wants to wear 14 different colors, textures, and patterns at once? Beam with pride at her individuality and independence. You only think people are staring at the grocery store. And if they are? Screw 'em--they obviously have no sense of humor.


Magpie said...

You know my kid? The one in stripes and plaid and an embroidered flower shirt?!? "Pick your battles" is the best advice.

Mrs. Wheezer said...

Hearty agreement on 'pick your battles' from the mother of the child who has worn two different colored socks to school every day for the past two weeks.

Kelly said...

I simultaneously love and hate when my daughter picks her own outfit. Love because it's quite the rainbow; hate because she has so many cute outfits that actually match and never get worn at the same time.

Small things, though, in the grand scheme of life.

Great advice! Especially about the breastfeeding.

Lisa said...

Your good advice is awesome.

Pick your battles. Amen sister!

jen said...

i am loving this virtual shower. everyone gathering round the blog fire to support new moms.

mothergoosemouse said...

I remember those mornings when we'd board the bus and you'd tell me that Jo was up before five or multiple times during the night. Oy.

And yes - picking your battles has been a tough one for me to keep in mind. Kindness, basic manners, and self-sufficiency - those are what really counts in the early years (and beyond too).