Friday, July 20, 2007

That fresh-from-the-dentist feeling

Remember that line, designed to sell toothpaste? I had a cleaning yesterday. To me, "fresh from the dentist" means "sore, pale, slobbery, and partially numb." Not a feeling I try to replicate on a regular basis.

Also noticed while in the chair: The Cure on an easy listening station. Oh god I am officially OLD.

Moving on. I was about to write a whiny post on clutter and how annoying it is and how I am seriously considering a ban on All Horizontal Surfaces just to try to stem the tide.

Then I walked into the basement and found the Leaning Tower of Dog Poo, presumbly left there to help me Get Some Perspective, Sister. I have never seen so much crap in my life and I can't believe it all came out of one 40-lb dog. I think she must have recruited some friends to contribute to the cause.

Ahem. Anyway. Thank you all very much for your very kind and supportive comments on my last post. As I replied to a few of you, I haven't given up on this entirely. Although I may have to wait to reopen the subject until well after my husband's solo weekend with the kids while I'm at Blogher.

Speaking of which, let me give you a few tips, in the spirit of BlogMe07: I currently live in a state which could earn you 5 points. I have a white cell phone (10 points). I have two first names, each of which could earn you 15 points. My shoe size is 6.

{insert final segue here. As an aside, here's a hilarious factoid about my dad. His new favorite thing to do when he's on a trip is a Segway tour. Ladies, I think a picture of a blogger on a Segway would trump just about anything else, am I right?}

Recently one of the big companies in our area decided to stop its charitable giving to arts organizations. This is a devastating blow to many small arts groups who depend on a bit of corporate generosity to make ends meet every year. Since we are a family who loves art, music, and theater, I'd been thinking about ways we can help. Then the Parent Bloggers Network came to the rescue telling me about iBakeSale--basically a way to earn cash-back rewards from online purchases and steer them toward a favorite charity (or your own savings fund, which you can designate for college tuition or a spa weekend away with the girls--it's up to you).

So I'm going to pick a local group and direct my pennies their way. I hope it will help. If you want to set up your own virtual bake sale, click over to PBN to find out how.

And remember, on Fridays I'm in love. Have a good weekend.


Her Bad Mother said...


Am slinking away to smear red lipstick down my cheeks and sulk.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

And I thought it was bad when "Pictures of You" was part of an HP ad campaign.

Leaning Tower of Dog that I can, unfortunately, visualize!

Summer said...

Was it, in fact, "Friday I'm in Love"? 'Cause that was their poppiest, top-40est song. It wouldn't be nearly as bad as if they'd played, say "The Forest" or "Killing an Arab." That would have made me scream, dental chair or no dental chair.

Mona said...

Actually, you're not officially old until it's the elevator muzak version of The Cure and you recognize it.

Then it's time to apply for AARP.

mothergoosemouse said...

They may revoke my punk rock license, but thoughts of the dentist trump any angst over The Cure on easy listening. Dental PTSD, you know.

The dog poo reminds me of your former dogwalker. You must post about him someday!

Looking forward to hearing the exaggerations that your husband dreams up this year while we're at BlogHer. Think the temp will reach 120F? And that Opie will pull an all-nighter? ;)

Magpie said...

Those Parent Bloggers...I think this is the third time today that I've read about the iBakeSale. It sounds great, and my child's daycare is listed...I may propose it to all of the parents there as a fundraising tool, since I've just been coerced onto the board.

Have fun at Blogher!

Jenster said...

There must be a tilt in the universe if the easy listening station is playing The Cure.

I'm now contemplating dog poo. I had major surgery a little over two weeks ago and I'm not allowed to do anything. My family is sort of keeping up with the house, but it smells and is driving me crazy. Maybe I need to borrow a neighbor's dog and let him do his business in my basement so the rest of the house won't bug me so much. I suppose "mess" is relative.

Izzy said...

I heard a MEDLEY of used-to-be-really-cool-cutting-edge-music in Pizza hut tonight. It was awful.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I know, I cannot BELIEVE some of the songs I hear at the grocery store these days,

Julie Pippert said...

Oh wow, that's too bad about the arts news. That stinks.

The Cure on easy listening? Joly mother. Pictures of you?

My cat leaves me special treats so I feel your pain.

Jenifer said...

I second a ban on all horizontal surfaces!!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Really, The Cure on Easy Listening??? No way.

Have fun at BlogHer...wish I was going, too!

moosh in indy. said...

Man, I have big feet.

Lisa said...

Leaning tower of dog poop. That just brought me back to the day of our son's b-day party and the neighbor's dog left a pig ole "present" on the patio as the kids were arriving. Yes, was FUN to clean up dog poo rubbed into the patio stuff and inside the house. So I feel ya.

Lady M said...

Tower of Perspective indeed. Today, we had our first explosive poop incident in a while. Makes those juice spills look pretty mild, those little crises that I usually complain about. ;0