Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random-8-er link-a-later

(Not to be confused with Tow Mater or Linkletter).

Quite by chance I was tagged by Jeff (not the one I'm married to) for the 8 things meme, the one with all the rules. Since I've already done 7 random things (teen-style) and 7 facts/habits and 5 more things you didn't know (travel edition), this time I decided to spin off Jeff's idea of randomness and linkage. So here are 8 blogs from my blogroll, selected at random (I even did it all scientific!), and how they got there.

1. Binkytown: I started reading Binkytown when we were matched in the Blog Exchange way back in May 2006 (read my post and hers on the topic "Mother May I"). I've been stalking her ever since and not just because we live close to each other and have binky-addicted boys the same age. She has a wonderfully authentic voice and as I just commented on one of her recent posts, she does a lovely job of zeroing in on those small, significant moments of motherhood and writing about them.

2. Blooming Yaya: Another Blog Exchanger -- we swapped on the challenge of "post inspired by a song" and I don't think we could have come up with two more different posts on that angle. She's a mom of three, a very thoughtful and honest writer; go visit if you haven't already.

3. Chaos Theory: Holy cow, where would my blogroll be without the Blog Exchange? Last fall we debated the subject of ads on blogs: yea or nay? Luckily, Sherry was gracious even though I took an opposing position (one that I must say I didn't really believe in!). She is undertaking a big project at the end of this month and could use everyone's support--and maybe some ideas for posts.

4. The Gimlet Eye: I first met Dawn at BlogHer last year. She is not only funny and supersmart (as a mom with two kids in child care, I love reading about her work in early childhood education), she has really hot shoes.

5. Greeblemonkey: I think Aimee commented here first and after a few visits to her bee-yoo-ti-ful blog, I added her to my must-read list. And must-see, because her photography is not to be missed.

6. The Karianna Spectrum: Another BlogHer find! There is never a dull moment at Kari's, with two adventurous boys and more than her fair share of twists and turns. She turns it all into entertaining, and poignant, blog fodder.

7. Magpie Musing: Here, I think, is someone else whose comments here led me back to her blog, and now I'm there every day. Magpie shares my thrill at finding quirky tidbits in the New York Times and elsewhere in the world of words.

8. Nonlinear Girl: I believe she found me first and for that I'm glad. This blog is a winning mix of cute kid, family memories, deep thoughts, and a weekly random quote and unrelated photo, which charms me every time.


Magpie said...


You're sweet. And I like reading you too.

Jeff said...

Very cool take on the meme. Thanks for playing.

binkytown said...

Yea! And right back at you! Thanks for the sweet words!

PS-I had to laugh- do you have any idea how long it took me to realize that "Mater" was called "Mater" as in.. "Tow-mater?"
I was like- why on earth do they call him mater? duh.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Oh great. More people to go check out. My google reader is maxed out!

Scribbit said...

Most new to me, though I've read a couple of those regularly--

jen said...

awesome list.

Nancy said...

Lots of my faves listed there too.

And guess what: I'll see you at BlogHer! (Decided to go at the last minute...)

Karianna said...

OMG - Thank you for the linky-love! (Even if it was random and all-scientific.)

My son, the big Cars fan, is referred to by his classmates as "Nater" after "Tow-Mater."

sherry said...

Thanks for the link! And thanks for the mention of my blogathon insanity. I'm looking forward to it now but I bet that at 4 am that night I'm going to be wondering what the HELL I was thinking!

Lady M said...

ohh, more fun people to read!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

awwww. thanks. :)))