Sunday, November 25, 2007

File this away for next year

Crisp apple-scented roast turkey with cider-Calvados gravy

I've had it twice this month (actually, six or seven times, if you count the leftovers) and it is SO. GOOD.

(Why twice? Because two weeks before Thanksgiving, my husband, apparently weakened by the presence of so much fowl in the supermarket, decided he needed to roast a turkey. So he did. It was excellent. Yes, he rocks in many ways ... but that also meant that there was an entire weekend in there where I had to be on 100% kid detail because he was up to his elbows in poultry. It was worth it though.)

Don't skip the gravy, either. It's the best part.

And here is Jo's summary of the trip, entitled "Jo New York Book."

A Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving.
And a Tea Party.
And a Dinosaur Museum.
And spin on the Whee Chair.
And P.J.'s Secret Hideout Place With Toys.
And make a Paper Penguin.

Hope you all had a terrifically tryptophanic weekend.


Alex Elliot said...

I'm impressed!

Binkytown said...

Are you kidding me that your husband made that for you? You are a lucky woman. Sounds divine.

Mayberry said...

I wouldn't say he made it FOR ME. He made it because HE felt like making a turkey. But I did get to eat it!

Lawyer Mama said...

It sounds wonderful. Man, I wish my hubs could cook. I love to do it but sometimes it's nice to have someone *else* make something really yummy!

Lisa said...

That turkey sounds so yummy! SO cool that the hubby made it. Sounds like a busy holiday.

Magpie said...

Sounds like a fine time! And that gravy = yum!

Lady M said...

Hooray, another turkey roasting fellow! SwingDaddy decided this was the year he wanted to try out the same. It went pretty well and now we have leftovers for weeks.

Glad you had a good time in NY.