Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That's my little rainbow boy

OPIE: Where TJ's two moms? [TJ is the neighbor kid.]
ME: One of them is right over there.
OPIE: Where TJ's TWO moms?
ME: She is at work.
OPIE: Okay. *wanders off*


mothergoosemouse said...

Would you believe that I have made the acquaintance of a two-mom family here? I've got hope for this suburb yet.

Leeanthro said...

We have a same sex couple in my daughter's preschool class. Not a big deal, we never even think twice about it.

But then my daughter kept telling me she was married to one of her friends. I was just getting tired of her talking about this girl NONSTOP.

I started to say, "No honey,marriage is between a man and a woman." You know, because she has a mom and dad. And I had to stop myself and instead said "No honey, only grown-ups can get married."

How things change!

Tree said...

At J's daycare there is a same gender couple. It took me quite a while to "get it" so to speak.

I do not think the kids really notice too much or remark too much. But we also have a mom who chose to have a child on her own via semination.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Living in Alabama, you don't see too many same-sex families. I think we need to move.

movin'mom said...

OMG~ I am soooo slow or it is just late at night for me to be thinking.

I thought we were referring to mom and step mom.

Because there are a lot of those here too! ;)

Kelly said...

Wahoo! I love it! I love how some things just won't seem strange to our children. How entirely refreshing.

GHD said...

No two mom families here in TEXAS... imagine that?!

Cute story though :-)

Magpie said...

Huh. Mom and Two-Mom. Interesting take on it. I thought it was always Mommy and Mama - or some such.

Mayberry said...

They are Mom and another special mommy-ish nickname ... it was just Opie's way of trying to say "the other one."

Patois said...

I like how he worked that out.