Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Calling all you foodie types

I am looking for good food/mom blogs. Not so much for myself, but for a work project. Can you recommend any that you love -- not too gourmet; more about everyday cooking with/for kids who may or may not only eat their pasta without sauce, their apples peeled, their yogurt character-ized, and their pizza only is "someone else bakes it."

Merci bien.

Oh, and any grandmothers and mothers of middle schoolers would be magnifique as well.


Lisa said...

Sorry. I can't help ya there. Typically don't read food blogs.I drool enough when someone posts a recipe. I'd gain 10 pounds just READING a food blog. heehee.

I was just visiting to see what you are up to. :-)

Magpie said...


Something else will come to mind...right now, my head is mush.

Oh, check Scribbit...she might be a resource.

GHD said...

It's not specifically "kid focused", but I really like http://startcooking.com.

It's REALLY basic, but perfect for teach someone (kid or busy adult) about cooking and nutrition.

Best part: video demos!

TC said...

The Pioneer Woman Cooks! I love that one, though I'm guessing you already know of it. http://thepioneerwomancooks.com/

My other favorite is The Cleaner Plate Club. Very eco-minded, and keeps me on my toes. http://cleanerplateclub.wordpress.com/

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I read her personal blog more than her Kitchen Party blog, but there's Beck:


Lady M said...

Magpie already said it - CityMama

PunditMom said...

Check out the recipes that Paige at The Avery Lane Experience has been posting recently!


Binkytown said...

I was going to say city mamma too- doesn't Izzy have one as well? Props and pans? Welcome home!

movin'mom said...

The Pioneer WOman Cooks!!!

She's just got some down home vittles!!!!