Sunday, February 24, 2008

Homecoming haiku

Four nights away from
home, husband, kids. Each day seems
longer than the last

In the airport on the way home I walked into the ladies' room behind a little girl and her mom singing the Hannah Montana theme song. Then the girl asked her mom to come in the stall and help her wipe.

Ah yes. I'm almost home.

(Composed on Friday for Haiku Friday but didn't make it to the big screen until today.)


Lady M said...

Motherhood - loving, heart-warming, and oh -so -glamorous!

Angela said...

I'm glad you are back home with your family. I'm not sure why you were away but hope you are feeling re-energized.

Alex Elliot said...

I love the part about the little girl needing help! Hope you're settling back in at home.

Magpie said...

Oh yes - Mommy, wipe me! When does that end?

Julie Pippert said...

I have not had that asked since age 5 in my oldest. Age three is already taking over the task (and would be completely independent if I let her).

Welcome home.

Lisa said...

Its always so good to come home, isn't it?