Wednesday, February 13, 2008


making gnocchiSome of you know that I have another blog on the site I work on. I don't link it here because, you know, I feel that I am the second coming of Dooce. My mother is the most faithful reader of that blog (probably the only reader. Even I am usually bored with it, and it's all about my kids). She checks compulsively for updates, never fails to mention what she's read, and even suggests topics.

So today, when I felt a bit of bloggers' block, I emailed my #1 fan. I usually can't keep track of where she is because she travels all the time, but she does check her Crackberry constantly. Sure enough, she called me from her cell phone within a half hour and reeled off four ideas.

Write about everything you have to prepare before you go out of town.
Too stressful. NEXT!

Write about how you embrace the winter season with the kids.
Ha. Ha ha ha ha. I only embrace the sturgeon-spearing. Pucker up, dino-fish. NEXT!

Write about Valentine's Day and all the learning opportunities that go with it [a lifetime ago Mom was a first-grade teacher].
Reasonable possibility. After Jo rejected my idea for homemade valentines (red construction paper hearts with cut-out pictures from other cards glued on top, and the text "You're cut out to be my valentine"), we bought a couple of packages of licensed-character goodness. She sat right down and addressed and signed them all in one fell swoop. No nagging, bribing, or even coaching. I was very proud. But: If I do this, I'll save it until after the school party, in case that yields any good stories. NEXT!

Write about how you cook with the kids, what they like about it, what they are learning from it.
Ding! I think we have a winner. Yes, I may be a kitchen lame-o but I am raising a boy who has an entire wardrobe of aprons and his very own whisk. Tonight: "Now you can help me mix up this stuff and make meatballs." "I can use my whisk?"

Next time, though, I may just hire Grandma as a ghost-blogger. I can pay her a percentage of my lucrative salary of $0.


Lara said...

i'll guest-blog for you ANY time!

Leeanthro said...

I think your mom *should* guest post. That would be fun.

My mom doesn't know my blog address. Because then I couldn't complain about her! (Not that I complain about her often.)

I liked this post a lot (and nice apron tie-in!)

Lisa said...

Oh that's a cool idea to use your mom as a guest blogger. I hope she'd tell us some funny stories about you from your childhood. :-)

Alex Elliot said...

You know I don't think I've heard anyone talk about the learning opportunities for Valentine's Day. That really made me pause!

Magpie said...

"I can use my whisk?" is my favorite line ever.

I love that your mother has a blackberry. Mine can barely send email - though she reads my blog.

mothergoosemouse said...

Your mom is so cool.

And another similarity between Opie and CJ: She loves helping in the kitchen, especially when she can use a whisk. We've got to get these kids together again!

Julie Pippert said...

Your mom is a fountain of ideas! Can I have her on my list for when I get blog blocked? :)

L.A. Daddy said...

I could let my mom guest blog. She would spend the entire post tsk-tsking my foul language and talk about my waste of bandwidth on the Inter-tubes and then discuss how she's certain that I shall burn in hell for eternity because I don't go to church. That would be fun. I must call her today...

I did manage to get LA Toddler to sign 3 cards. After that, she was bored with it. So, I signed the rest of them with my left hand and the rest is history.

TB said...

I've read your other blog, but I didn't want you to think I was stalking you.

I love that your mom gives you post ideas and I really really love that you cook with Opie. I spend a lot of quality time in the kitchen and I'm determined to raise a boy who knows his way around in there.