Friday, January 23, 2009

Out of the blue

My son will be four in a few months and everytime he picks up a crayon, he produces nothing but scribbles. I know you're not supposed to compare kids, blah blah blah, but Jo could scratch out the letters of her name and approximate a snowman portrait well before she turned three. So I started to wonder.

Then yesterday, Opie produced these guys:

And him:

Hello??? Where did this come from? They have feet! They have ears! They have ... cheekbones?!

Approaching one week later, I have my good moments and my bad ones. I indulged in some retail therapy. I tried to catch up on work. I even laughed with my kids. I also sat bolt upright in bed last night and bawled because I was suddenly seized with worry: My baby is so small, and what if no one is taking care of him? Irrational, I know, but I'm guessing I get a pass on being reasonable. At least for now.


Heather said...

My son did something interest in drawing or writing then suddenly writing his name and remembering all the letters. Weird how something just clicks in their heads.

Nice cheekbones, btw.

Yes, you get a pass. And a hug.

mothergoosemouse said...

Amazing the details they incorporate, isn't it?

Reason is irrelevant in the middle of the night even under normal circumstances.

Lady M said...

Q-ster was the same. He mostly just scribbled, until one day I saw him draw a face with evenly spaced eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Where'd that come from?

'Force' hugs.

ewe are here said...

Wow... from scribbles to actual people, seemingly overnight.

They grow up so quickly.

motherbumper said...

Total pass on reasonable is granted.

And Opie's artworks rocks.

the mama bird diaries said...

Oh my heart hurts for you. You definitely get a pass.

Love the pics. :)

Kate said...

Oh the middle of the night sucks when it comes to worry. I hate that.

And of course you get a pass. A long one.

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Those pics are great - I worry about these same kinds of things, even though I know they'll all grow up and go to college and totally be able to draw a good stick figure!

Hang in there and take all of the passes you need. For as long as you need them.

Kimberly said...

You get more than one pass. Take what you need.

My older daughter is the same. She's been mostly scribbling but then all of a sudden she came home from school with a decently drawn cat on grass with a sun and flowers. It floored me.

Patois said...

I do believe the fine print on the pass says "reasonable time" is at your discretion.

Regarding those precious drawings, I love, love, love when they start to look like something so I no longer need to guess what it is a kid drew.

the calm before the stork said...