Sunday, April 02, 2006

4 things I like about her

In honor of Jo’s fourth birthday tomorrow, four stories. Oh, crap. It’s another list! Sorry.

1. The other day she put on a fancy dress (for no reason except vanity), then reminded me that it was the one she was wearing when Opie “got appetizered.” Well, yes, there was water, and oil, and we ate a big meal afterward, but…

2. Our next-door neighbor, V., told us yesterday that the previous day, our neighbor from two doors down, K., had called him just to tell him to look out the window at Jo parading down the driveway in her red raincoat and pink rainboots, twirling her Strawberry Shortcake umbrella over her head. K. was swooning over the cuteness and had to make sure someone else saw it too. I’ll say it again—I love our neighborhood.

3. One day last summer, her daily report sheet from child care read: “Jo spent a lot of time trying to get across the monkey bars today. She is determined.” You said it, Miss Ann. She may be the tiniest kid in her class (or in any group of 3- or 4-year-olds she’s a member of; she only recently topped 36 inches tall) but she is fearless. Jump into the pool, then bob her head under water 5 times? She’ll give you 10 or 20. Ditto for tall slides and climbers and bigger pushes on the swing. If it’s a physical challenge, she’ll take it on. It’s one of the things I most admire about her, since I was an unbelievable chicken as a kid.

4. We asked her what she wanted to have for her birthday dinner, fully expecting her to say “chicken nuggets” or at least “macaroni and cheese.” Do you know what she asked for instead? “Cous-cous [which she calls “cous-coo”]. And meat.” What kind of meat? The red kind or the white kind? “The white kind.” Chicken, or pork? “Pork. And something special to drink: Lemonade!” So, there you have it: Tomorrow night’s menu. Is my kid a freak or what?

Plus 4 pictures, and one to grow on. (That's the famous Tacy in the 2nd one, at Jo's first birthday party.)


Mrs. Wheezer said...

Happy birthday! She is just precious.

Catizhere said...

Happy Happy Day Gorgeuos Girl!

Catizhere said...

GGRRR!!!! Gorgeous

mothergoosemouse said...

She is simply the most amazing little girl I know (besides my own), and I miss her so much. Scratch that - we ALL miss her. Happy birthday little sweetie!

(And I still can't get over what a sophisticated eater she is.)