Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Celebs I have sighted

Obviously, these are all from my NYC days. No celebs of note here in Mayberry.

And obviously, some of these sightings are pretty old. Judging from the, uh, deadness of the sight-ees. And others are of dubious "fame." But I still thought they were worth noting.

  1. JFK Jr. in Central Park (shirtless)

  2. Pope John Paul II in Central Park (robed and Pope-mobiled)

  3. Madonna eating dinner in the same restaurant I was

  4. Monica Lewinsky eating lunch in the same restaurant I was

  5. Harrison Ford on 57th St.

  6. Muhammad Ali on 57th St.

  7. Liam Neeson on Central Park West

  8. Peter Jennings on Central Park West

  9. Mia Farrow downtown near the courthouses

  10. Colin Quinn at church on Easter Sunday (c'mon, you watched Remote Control on MTV, didn't you?)

Anyone else want to play?


Anonymous said...

Hey Mayberry Mom,

I run the "deadness" website you referred to. Believe it or not, I am not particularly a starstruck celebrity watcher (I kind of got into it for different reasons) but I have run into a few celebs in my time. Just the other day I saw James Brown on his way into a dentist's office.

(I also can't tell from the timing whether you put up your post because of the one I just put up about encounters with famous people or whether it was a coincidence.) If you're unaware of my post, I invite you to take a look and submit one of your examples as a story.

Amy said...

JFK Jr- yummy. I dont live anywhere fancy enough to see real celebs- only an occasional hot NBA player.. sadly..

mothergoosemouse said...

I can't play. I never recognize ANYONE. I wouldn't even have known it was Gwyneth at the Children's Museum if Lori hadn't recognized her first.

And it's really sad that I can't play considering where I used to work. I know I've been in elevators with celebrities, but I still didn't recognize them.

Kyle did see Howard Stern jogging in Central Park. And Macaulay Culkin at a movie premiere on Third Ave, kitty-corner from our building. Whoopee!