Sunday, November 19, 2006

Life in lists

Things I have done this week instead of posting, all of which I am pretty proud (except maybe the laundry):
  • a shitload of laundry, and I use that term deliberately
  • written and submitted a draft of this article, thanks to help from friends inside and outside the computer
  • updated this page, which involved tampering with ASP code, and did I mention I was a double major in French and English literature, and thus my major accomplishment in college was learning how to read a novel really fast?
  • cooked at least one meal that did not involve reheating or dialing
Things my toddler has recently dunked in the dog's water bowl (not including his hands):
  • Plastic bottles borrowed from adjacent recycling container
  • Net bag full of bath toys
  • Vinyl measuring tape (of the kind used for sewing, don't know how that got into my house) much prized by his sister
  • His sneakered foot
  • His bare foot

Things I am embarrassed to admit I have never done (thus revealing me to be a total princess, athough at least I am not afraid of bugs) :

  • change the oil in a car
  • operate a lawn-mower
  • drive a car with manual transmission

Things I have deemed a serving of vegetables for a small 4-year-old:

  • a smiley-face of ketchup
  • the dusty green goodness of Veggie Booty
  • 4 baby carrots accompanied by enough melted butter to set them afloat
  • the amount of tomato sauce that can fit inside a mini, shell-shaped piece of pasta ("Look, Mommy! I made a burrito!")


Lady M said...

I thought that once I left college, I'd never need to do three (or more) emergency loads of laundry in a day. Hahahahaha. Back then, it was because I hadn't done laundry in ages. Now, well, you know.

Izzy said...

lol...I love bulleted lists. I once did one for my whole day and it was pretty amusing even to me!

As for not doing these two things:

• change the oil in a car
• operate a lawn-mower

Don't feel bad! I haven't either. And hopefully never will :)

Her Bad Mother said...

Hell, I've never even driven a car (more than around a parking lot, while learning, an exercise that always ended badly).

Now you know.

(Anxious to see that article!)

mothergoosemouse said...

Tacy used to dunk items in the cats' bowl. Accompanied by a lot of splashing. Another con to keep in mind when I start feeling warm and fuzzy about the idea of another pet...

I completely agree with all of those vegetable servings. I count myself fortunate that Tacy almost never turns down a bowl of peas, but that's become the extent of her veggie repertoire.

Never changed the oil. Never changed a tire. Haven't lifted the hood of a car since mine began smoking just north of DC one Thanksgiving weekend.

Manual transmission however - I was motivated to learn when Kyle bought the Miata. That was a sweet car to drive, especially up and down the NJ turnpike...

tallulah said...

All that stuff you listed as being embarrased to have never done...don't be. How many men do you know that can say they have done shitloads (literally) of laundry while simultaneously trying to keep a toddler out of the dog water bowl and feed a family a somewhat nutritious meal?
Amen sister. Amen.

Momma Duck said...

Ah, yes. Those college days. Some much for my English lit degree. Besides, I'd like to see my husband try to do shitloads of laundry while feeding two children lunch and get some more Harry Potter re-read.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Veggie booty counts as a vegetable here too. So does ketchup. My mom endorsed the ketchup idea so boo, there you go : )

TB said...

I've never changed my oil, but I have CHECKED it and added some when it was low. Does that count?

Although I have operated a manual and gas powered lawn mower and I only drive a stick because it makes me feel like a bad ass.

Karianna said...

Veggie Booooooooty! It is all good.

lildb said...

the burrito line got me. I'm cracking up.

nice list. :)

Jamie said...

Note to self: must buy veggie booty. My girls are eating poptarts for breakfast this week and it dawned on me they are glorified cookies.

Amelia was sticking her hand in the dog's water bowl Sunday and then licking the dog water off her hands.

And yea you on finishing the article!

Kate said...

French fries count as a veggie serving, right?

Binkytown said...

I do drive stick but I haven't (and don't plan to)done the others on your list.

Mine is taking everything out of the recycle bin and putting in the garbage. I know its WRONG but I don't really care- it makes my life easier!

nomotherearth said...

Is ketchup NOT a vegetable?? Damn.