Thursday, March 08, 2007

A study in cracking me up

Read this post, and you'll see why I nominated it for the February ROFL Awards organized by Chicky Chicky Baby, Metro Mama, and Izzy.

I've enjoyed Jennifer's blog, under the ponderosas, for months now. She has a special talent for both loving and describing the natural world around her, and for sharing it with her kids. But as the nominated post proves, she also has a sly sense of humor that is not to be missed.

Jennifer, email me to claim your prize (a lovely bit of HTML code)!


Lady M said...

Ha! A funny one indeed. I think that my sample size of one needs to be improved with other studies as well.

Thanks for linking - I hadn't seen that one before.

Bon said...

yep, thanks for the link...i'm trying to think of a way to subtly slip it into dh's reading material. :)