Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Small vehicular victories

Blink and it's done

Unfortunately, no one has puked in my car in the past week. Or discharged a dramatic poo-splosion. Or even backed into me in the drive-through lane, causing me to spill my chai latte all over my lap and my upholstery.

So that means I didn't get to test out all of these snazzy Blink products. Still, I do drive a mom-mobile littered with candy wrappers, used Kleenex, and unsticky old stickers, plus stray macaroni noodles and dried beans that have jumped off precious works of art. I still have beige leather seats that (now that spring is finally, sort of, springing) bear both salty white and muddy brown footprints in sizes "small" and "smaller." And I still occasionally transport a dog with a slimy nose.

But hey! You wouldn't know it now that I've cleaned up my act. I've relocated the garbage into a handy Trash Tosser drawstring plastic bag. The small but long-lasting Mess Lifter wipes took care of my grimy seats. And the very cleverly packaged Smudge Cleaner (it's a small spray bottle with a built-in pocket holding a stack of dry wipes) worked a charm on the nose prints. I even tried it out on the kitchen window next to my toddler's chair--the one that's been coated with fingerprints and unidentified food substances for weeks now. Goo begone!

What I liked: A big part of the appeal of these products is their good-things-come-in-small-packages design. Each container is small--six inches or so across--and can be clipped on to a seat back or door pocket or stuffed into the glove compartment. The products I tried worked effectively--the wipes were small, but long-lasting (I cleaned two kitchen windows with just one Smudge Cleaner, and wiped down almost all my leather seating with one Mess Lifter).

What I didn't: Keeping all these gizmos in my car makes it feel more cluttered, which pretty well defeats the purpose. I don't want to clip the boxes to the seat backs because then my kids will be able to get at the goods--and I'm sure you can imagine why that isn't good. My glove box and center console are already, of course, overstuffed. I solved this problem by using one of the Tidy Totes--Blink's reusable mesh bag--to contain all the containers.

Who it's for: Any parent (and I include you dog moms and dads here too) who wants to get ahead of the pigpen-on-wheels syndrome that can take over the family car at a moment's notice. Note that all the products except the mesh bags are disposable, which may not be acceptable to the greenest among us. The good news is that, as I noted above, one tiny wipe goes quite a long way.

For a chance to win your own batch of Blink products, enter the Mess Makers promotion. Grand prize is a digital photo package--we're talking two cameras, a camcorder, a printer, photo paper, and processing.

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Magpie said...

Great job cleaning up the car. It is shocking the things that gather - I found a hairbrush under the seat the other day that had been missing for weeks, and Saturday morning we climbed in and my daughter found and ate a french fry that came home with dinner the night before.

Kate said...

Where would I be without your informative essay on products? Great review! And something I might need considering there are things from the 90s still hiding underneath the seats.

mothergoosemouse said...

I really think I might need some of those goodies. I don't spend enough time in the car for it to get really awful, but you know that even the smallest amount of clutter makes me break out in hives.

Her Bad Mother said...

Now I'm wishing that I signed up for those!

Elizabeth said...

I MUST HAVE those products!!!!! Can I buy them at Target?

my stream said...

Great review -- I'm noticing the same things that you did, too. Never thought about using them in my kitchen, though...maybe I'll bring one of the little containers inside.

Mayberry said...

Elizabeth, their site says the products are available at "major retail outlets, supermarkets, discount pharmacies, and automotive supply stores," and also that they will have a store locator up soon.

Lisa said...

I was wondering how this would work. I think I need something like this.