Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lucky bum

Overheard from the bike trailer/peanut gallery: "[giggle] I see Mommy's bumper*! [giggle, giggle]"

Opie, trying to push past the barricade I have created with my rear end to prevent him from exiting a restaurant booth: "Cuze me. Cuuuze me. Cuze me bumper!"


Today was one of those "I really lucked out with this job" days. I spent most of it surfing the "kidlitosphere," blogs by teachers, librarians, journalists, and other miscellaneous lovers of children's books. I'm working my way down through this blogroll and -- wow.

Next up: Crafty moms. Not so much the ones that rock the grownup crafts, like Supa (she knits! she sews! she paints! she gestates!), but the ones who have clever ideas for kiddie projects.

If you have any faves in either category, I'd love to hear about them. Also any ways to remove tomato-soup stains. I have done the Shout-soak-wash-repeat cycle on one of Jo's dresses at least 10 times and it's still hanging on. If I can't get it out the dress is fit only for the costume box.

*Daycare-speak for derrière.


movin'mom said...

I found this on a site and copied and pasted it. another idea is oxy clean but who knows.
RE: Tomato Stains On Clothing
Post By Linda (Guest Post) (01/26/2007)

This sounds bizarre, but chefs do this to clean their white coats. Spray the garment with oven cleaner. Let sit for 20 min or so then launder. You may have to do this more than once.

Love the bumper story- kid humor is the BEST!

Lady M said...

Ha, bumper!

I have a pretty good stain stick (Spray & Wash), but I'm not sure it's up to tomato stains that haven't disappeared after several washings.

Mona said...

I'm sure the day is coming when my 10-month-old will address me by my "bumper." I think "boobs" will be a close second.

Lisa said...

Bumper, huh? That is SO cute.

I have no clue how to get Tomato soup stains out. (My picky kid won't even eat soup... So I've never had to try.) Good luck though.

BlondeMom said...


Oh yeah we have our share of daycare humor around here. ;)

Good luck with the stain smackdown!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Bumper. Heh. Thankfully he's not trying to slap a sticker on your bumper.

Nancy said...

I have a couple of crafty blog recommendations. (Even though I'm not especially crafty, I'm a crafter wannabe.) I'm sure you already read Wee Wonderfuls -- which is my favorite. (And love Loobylu, but she's on a blogging break).

Other favorites:
Two Straight Lines
Under Construction
Inside a Black Apple

Magpie said...

I like Mother Reader - she's on the Big A Little A list. Sounds like a fun project!

Kate said...

"Tushy" is our euphemism for derriere. And a body part that my 5 year old has no shame in showing off around the house while making fart noises. I know, I'm raising such a well-mannered boy.

As for crafts, I love crafty things to do. You can do about a hundred crafty things with a dixie cup, as I found out one cold winter afternoon trapped inside with the kids.

binkytown said...

she knits! she sews! she paints! she gestates! If that's not her tag line it should be now- you are brilliant! As for the tomato soup my mom swears by something called "Zout". It's like shout but apparently better.. I don't know because I'm too lazy to try and get stains out. Sad but true. I have one on my shirt right now..

Jerri said...

The bumper, hehehe, I'll have to remember that one, I'm buying a daycare right now...

mamatulip said...

I soak really bad stains in Oxyclean for a day or so and they always seem to come out. Hope this helps!

TB said...

Bumper. That's priceless. I'm going to start using it myself since I'm developing some lovely bumpers of my own.

supa said...

1. zout's usually pretty good.
2. do you read Kiddley? i understand it's on hiatus, but it's got some good projects. and links also.

heh. "grownup crafts." i wish.