Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good Thing

Happy discoveries this weekend:
  • Ginger Beef with Kale from the 1/08 issue of Martha Stewart Living (not online yet, apparently). Easy and tasty, if slightly too spicy for the kids.
  • Halloween with Morris and Boris. Jo brought this home from the school library and apparently it is the funniest thing Opie has ever seen. He busts a gut every time we read it.
  • will print your holiday cards and then you can pick them up at a local store. Saved my procrastinating butt.
  • "Mommy! Look! The snow is sparkling!"

And, to boot: I am guest-posting today at the calm before the stork. Click over to find out whether or not I was calm in my pre-stork days.


Magpie said...

The snow is sparkling reminds me of a book of short stories by Isaac Singer called Zlateh The Goat - one story had a snowfall over night and the next day the dimwitted townspeople thought it was diamonds! They were rich!

Victoria said...
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Lisa said...

As it snowed, I was thinking about you and a few others who get far more snow than we do. (And we got 6inches.) Hope ya'll got a chance to get out and fun.