Monday, December 03, 2007

Rock around the Christmas tree

For a musician's daughter, I have done a woeful job of exposing my children to music. We have a few CDs that we play in the car on endless repeat and that is nearly it. Once in awhile we rock out in the laundry room or have an after-dinner dance party, but I confess we are just not a household where tunes are always spinning in the background.

So the new That Baby DVD I recently reviewed (along with its companion, That Baby CD) has been a welcome addition. For the full review, as always, please click over to The Full Mommy. This one could definitely fill a few slots on your holiday shopping list--and there's a coupon code available too.


Magpie said...

Huh - I didn't know that you were a musician's daughter. Fascinating.

I don't play nearly enough music around the house. But I rotate the CDs in the car regularly.

mothergoosemouse said...

The latest and greatest soundtrack for running laps chez mothergoosemouse? Pet Shop Boys, Discography.