Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What do gay cars, crazy architectural renderings, and I have in common?

So the Blog Exchange assignment is "Best of 2007." I think my partner is on the road so I'm going to put up my post right here, but you can click the BE link to find several more good reads on the topic.

Now. What exactly was the Best of 2007? I can't talk about the best movies because I think I saw two new releases this year (both of them on pay-per-view on my couch). TV shows? You've probably already heard of "Project Runway." Music? You did see my music meme post, right? Books ... did I mention I read The Count of Monte Cristo this year? I did? Also it wasn't published in 2007. Never mind.

In fact, I think every "best of 2007" list in the world has already been done. Top PR blunders, best gay cars, top new organisms, sexiest athlete wives, most interesting webcams, craziest architectural renderings, and 15 different accountings of top buzzwords.

What could I add to this genre?

  • Best ways to entertain a little boy in an airport? (#1: dry, crumbly muffin.)

  • Best family history find? (#1: The annotated Barbie clothes dresser).

  • Blurriest ice shanty pictures? (#1: Mayberry's shantytown).

  • Best unintended innuendo at the doctor's office? (#1: Your T&A Journey.)

  • Top toilet interviews? (#1: Jo's video, of course.)
Best ways to end 2007? A party with 12 adults, 9 kids, 2 babies, and a platter of blueberry martini jello shots. Happy New Year to all my friends and family, online and off. Here's to 2008!

Photo: Quentin Jones, theage.com.au.


Lara said...

happy new year, mayberry! may 2008 bring you many, many blessings. :)

Jodi said...

Happy New Year!

Julie Pippert said...

Great list. :) Happy new year to you!

Using My Words

Heather said...

I love your Christmas checklist below too.

Jenn said...

lol - dry crumbly muffin... as long as it's out in public where someone else is responsible for the vacuuming! love the list :)

happy new year!

Alex Elliot said...

Happy New Year! So did the kids get to have the blueberry martini Jello shots?

Kimberly said...

Great list! Happy New Year!

Lady M said...

Loved the toilet interview. Q has a toilet photo to contribute to the art effort.