Friday, March 14, 2008

Haiku Friday: Hiatus edition

The vectors of germ
and I are hitting the skies
tomorrow -- look out

Yes, it was daunting yesterday when 50% of the household was puking, the dog had a seizure, and I started feeling that telltale dry throat that always portends a vicious cold.

But the tickets are purchased, the hotel is booked, the aunts and uncles and friends (even an ex-boyfriend!) are waiting, so we are off tomorrow.

I'll be gone until next week but I am leaving you with three movies still to be identified (now with hints--get on that!). And over at the Full Mommy, you can read another travel story: My review of a brand-new water resort.

And please I beg you
Don't post too much while I'm gone
Spring break for us all!

Haiku Friday


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I hope everyone is puke free for the flight! Have a great spring break! We're on break, too, and I think Miss C has STREP. Gah!

Must. Go. Back. To. Bed.

Magpie said...

Have a lovely trip.

No husband, but ex-boyfriend? Huh.

Lady M said...

Wishing you good health and a lot of fun!

Alex Elliot said...

Have a great time!

BInkytown said...

FUN! I can't wait to hear all about it! We'll miss you!