Sunday, March 02, 2008

How not to spend a Saturday morning

I recently took Jo on a little overnight trip (more on this to come soon at The Full Mommy). At one of the shops we visited, I let her pick out a toy for Opie and one for herself. She chose a make-your-own-mermaid craft kit (she loves craft kits--another thing we totally do not have in common).

So from the moment she woke up Saturday she begged to do this thing. Finally we reached a point where Daddy was snowblowing (again), Opie was busy watching "the frog show," and we could concentrate on the sirena.

On the outside of the box: Photos showing a 4-step process, and an age recommendation of 4 years and up.

On the inside of the box: Directions listing FIFTY-TWO steps from start to finish. FIFTY! TWO! About three of which could be performed by my 5-year-old. Basically she watched me gluing itty bitty sequins to my fingers the mermaid's hair, threading atom-sized beads onto invisible fishing wire, and trying not to curse.

Also, do you think she has cast even the most cursory glance at the doll now that is completely besequinned, betailed and bejeweled? I think not.


I just finished watching "Ace of Cakes." Ever seen it? Ever wonder why they deliver the cakes by tossing them in the back of a van with no protective wrapping whatsoever? This drives me insane.


Leeanthro said...

LOVE Ace of Cakes. Yeah, why don't they have a second person in back (a "spotter") that can keep the cakes from moving around in there?

I thought I was the only one who groans when my daughter wants to "do a project." I want her to be creative, but boy it wears me out. One can regularly hear me say "Oh, that sounds like something fun to do with Grandma."

I just set up a little craft cart on the table with supplies so that I can just quickly pull out a few things for her to use.

Magpie said...

that kind of glittery, beady, gluey craft would send me over the edge.

Julie Pippert said...

" gluing itty bitty sequins to my fingers the mermaid's hair, threading atom-sized beads onto invisible fishing wire..."

That made me want to weep for you.


Angela said...

Both my kids love to do crafts, where do they get this??!! I know my husband isn't artistic and neither am I. I really admire you for actually finishing the craft, I would have given up after seeing that it required 52 steps, I would have lied and said maybe we didn't have all of the supplies, or faked an injury(I have no shame)

mamatulip said...

Ugh, when it comes to beading and crafts that involve beads and sequins, I usually bestow them on Dave. And surprisingly, he usually goes for it.

a. beaverhausen said...

What?? People throwing cake?? Into a van?? Where? Why??

Lisa said...

Wow. Upon looking at all of the directions, I think I'd finally bribe the child with a number of candy bars... "If I give you three candy bars, we can throw away this project, deal?"

You deserve a medal for all of that. Or at least next time wrangle the hubby into craft duty instead. heehee.

Heather said...

I hate when the craft project turns out to be a major PITA that the kid can't do themselves!

I love Ace of Cakes. We live around Baltimore so its fun to see places we know and one cake was for the firestation nearby. I guess the cakes are so darned big and heavy that they aren't going anywhere?

Ramblin' Red said...

My daughter got that same mermaid kit for her b'day last year - ugh!