Monday, March 10, 2008

Look out! Bad skeletons!

Potential nightmares my children described this evening:
  • Eyes poked by lions
  • Bad skeletons
  • A fun pony ride taking a turn for the worse when the pony goes to a "bad store"

And then they fell asleep. Still both in the same room, every night. It is absolutely one of the most adorable moments of parenthood I've experienced thus far.

Night night!


GHD said...

That's funny! I can't wait for my son to be able to tell me about all of his dreams, too! hehe!

BTW, your kids' beds are awesome. I'm glad to hear that brother and sister sharing a room really does work out.

night. night!

Lady M said...

Hmmm, would *good* skeletons be a bad dream too?

a. beaverhausen said...

Oldest son is home for Spring Break. Two nights ago I dreamed that his beautiful blonde locks had been shaved and that same night he dreamed that I cut his hair off. Strange, no?

motherbumper said...

A "bad" store? I wonder what constitutes a "bad" store. And I loved sharing a room with my sibs (bro and sis) as a kid.

Heather said...

Let me the "bad store" Wal-Mart?

Alex Elliot said...

Cute! My potential bad nightmare would be taking my kids to the grocery store. Hmmm...that happened yesterday! My kids also share a room.

the mama bird diaries said...

My kids share a room but when we were on vacation at my in-laws, they each had their own room.

Except when I went to tuck in my 3 1/2 year-old, she asked to move to my other daughter's room. She wanted to sleep with her.

So cute...