Monday, March 02, 2009

Cheddar shredder

In the interest of research into the latest fitness trends, and also in the interest of losing this post-pregnancy gut, I am trying the 30-day Shred.

I'm not brave enough to post "before" pictures of myself (also, I stink at taking pictures into a mirror anyway) like Kristen, but here are my start-up stats:

Code Name: Flabbyberry

Tag Line: Wholesome is as wholesome shreds.

Current weight: 135 (so says Wii Fit).

Goal: Wear pants, buttoned, without unsightly muffin-top or angry red welts (seriously. ouch).

Diet Plan: Nothing in particular--just be sensible. Be cognizant of portion sizes and sugar intake (my particular Achilles heels).

Rules: No eating after 8 p.m. Only one latte/week (I can't stand the sugar-free kind).

Shred Plan: Starting with Level One daily, 3-lb. hand weights. Plus: power vinyasa yoga, 75 minutes, twice a week.

Off to do my first workout!

... pant ... pant ... gasp ... jiggle ...

OK, I'm back (wasn't that SO EASY!). Actually, it was very hard, but I got through it, more or less. It's short. Even though each individual segment feels crazy long (case in point: push-ups) you really don't do anything for more than a minute or two. (But you know those two minutes are tough when hitting the floor for crunches feels like a nice break.)

Comfortably zipped non-mom jeans: HERE I COME.


Kate said...

Honey we need to talk. You need a diet at 135 lbs?

Christina said...

Yes, it's sad when I'm so thankful to get to ab work because at least I get to lay on the floor!

Bela Karolyi said...

You Can Dooo It!

Lady M said...

Good for you! I'm deathly afraid of making public commitments to weight projects . . . which is perhaps why progress is slow. :0

Patois said...

Go go go! I'll be herr drinking your lattes on the sidelines. (At least until my hyperthyroidism is fixed or my thyroid is nuked.)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA You're current weight is 10 lbs UNDER my ideal weight. I've watched a few of the shreds On Demand, but that's the problem. I've WATCHED them. Didn't participate, just watched. I've really really let myself go over the past year. I bought a scale last week. Big mistake. I'm 157 lbs.
I'm 5'6" with an athletic frame. I don't look like I'm that heavy, but I can see it when I step out of the shower. You know when you bend at the waist to wrap your hair in the towel? UGH. The cellulite & little almost-rolls of fat at my knees have moved me to start SOMETHING. With my bad wheels I can't run. Even walking too much KILLS my ankle.
If spring ever come, I can at least get back on my bike or start swimming.

mothergoosemouse said...

Seriously, the ab work was a nice rest. I need to get a couple different weights - one size does not fit all exercises.

Kimberly said...

Good luck! I'm rooting for all the Shredheads (I'd be right there with you all if I weren't in serious training mode this month).