Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shamrock shred*

Two weeks down, two to go! I weighed myself on the Wii Fit the other day and I am down about two pounds. I don't think that is particularly meaningful because I have no idea what I was wearing the first time I weighed myself, or what time of day it was, or whether I ate a big plate of corned beef and cabbage that day (um, no). But it's always nice to see that graph sloping downward, and to hear a little bit of positive feedback from the chirpy little board.

I've been shredding faithfully, except for the day my kid was sick and my neck was sore, and also today because I worked myself into a lather hosting book club last night (and I did do a challenging yoga class today).

As I commented at Hot By Blogher, I think this will be the biggest lesson learned from drill sgt. Jillian (aside from "If 400-lb people can do jumping jacks, so can you"): Yes, I do have at least 25 minutes a day to devote to exercise. I may not (oh, who am I kidding with the may) continue the daily shred past these 30 days, but I can mix it in with everything else and use it on days when I am crunched (ha, or planked) for time or when I need a boot-camp tune-up.

*I am prefixing everything with "shamrock" today, BTW. Whatever random leftovers we have for dinner (much like the randomness of this post) will be dubbed "Shamrock salad," "Shamrock stew," and so on. It's gonna be huge.


Anonymous said...

Hi just wanted to stop by and wish you luck!! my name is dayra and i am also doing the blogher challenge, hope we can be ‘friends’ and share tips with each other
Remember, you can do it!! :)

the mama bird diaries said...

Congrats on your shamrock shred.

Lady M said...

The 400lb people doing jumping jack comment is a good prod. Jillian sounds like a dynamo. Good work and good luck on the rest of the shred!

Kate said...

You go girl! Shred them shamrocks.

Christina said...

Every time Jillian says "The ones that are the hardest are the ones that count the most" I always find the energy to keep going. She's good at giving motivation at just the right points.

Good work on finding time to workout!