Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thunder rerun

This is from almost exactly two years ago. The weather today is the same as it was when I wrote it, so I am reposting it today.

Two years ago this week, I bumped into a neighbor who's married to an ob-gyn. Making small talk about my impending delivery, I said I hoped the coming full moon would do the trick. "Or maybe we'll get a thunderstorm," she replied.

I'd never heard that before, but she swore that she, her husband, and his colleagues over the years had noticed a significant uptick in births during and just after storms. Thunderstorms are a summer phenomenon, I thought; the snow is just barely receding. There's no way we'll get one now.

Sure enough, a few days later thunder clapped through the sky, lightning flashed, slashing rain fell, my dog curled into a tiny ball, trembling and panting. And my baby ... stayed firmly put. He didn't emerge until more than a week later.

Tonight we ushered in spring with a rousing storm. This time, no restless baby kicking at my insides, keeping me guessing on when he'd come and who he'd be. Now a toddler demanding "more boom!" Now a tiny boy following his big sister's lead, hovering over a terrified dog, patting and soothing. "Okay, Fah-ee. Okay." Now a blond head nodding to sleep on my shoulder as the lightning bursts through the window blinds. Now my own Opie.


Magpie said...

More boom!

I love a good thunderstorm.

the mama bird diaries said...

My dog used to cower in the bathroom during a thunderstorm. It was the only time was well behaved.

Patois said...

We don't get thunder around these parts but very rarely. I miss the storms of my youth. Love the picture you paint here.

MadWoman said...

Oh how I miss my thunderstorms. I love listening to the sounds.

Great post!

Lady M said...

And now the boy is almost four!

I haven't seen a thunderstorm in so many years.