Monday, December 11, 2006

All I want for Christmas is (are?) a few good links

Just to make sure that my two or three readers that may not know about these sites get the memo:

Her Bad Auction
Visit Her Bad Auction (brainchild of Kristen and Julie) this week for an online raffle featuring fabulous prizes. Proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada in honor of Her Bad Mother's nephew, Tanner.

Ask Moxie and Parent Hacks both have lots of excellent holiday advice (including one submitted by yours truly on PH). So does which someone you know just may have had a hand in preparing.

And for fun: The inimitable Tracey put together a rockin' holiday music mix that I plan to run on an endless loop from now through New Year's. Or maybe Valentine's Day.


Kate said...

Thanks for links! That's a really cool thing they are doing for bad mother.

Lady M said...

The Scholastic site looks great! Do you write content or are you on the technical side of things?

Mayberry said...

Thanks, Lady M.! I am a content person--editor and occasional writer. I know just enough HTML to get myself in trouble.

jennster said...

2 or 3 readers?! LMFAO! shut it woman!

mothergoosemouse said...

Thank you, my friend. Another way to get involved with Her Bad Auction is to have our kids write letters to Tanner. Even the teeny ones can scribble a picture; the idea is to show him how many people out there care about him.

And yes - Tracey's mix rocks. Burned it to CD in an effort to sate Tacy's insatiable thirst for holiday music.

Her Bad Mother said...

SO late getting here to say thanks, and catch up on posts.


(Going to catch up on your posts!)