Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tour de Tree

Since I made such a big deal about my Rules for Christmas Tree Decoration (see my blog exchange post here if you missed it the first time around), I thought I'd share a small sampling of some of the ornaments on our tree. There's no picture of the tree itself bcause we did a lousy job choosing it this year. The trunk is as crooked as a $3 bill and the branches are all lopsided.

Still, it makes a fine backdrop for these:

She's still not getting that Ariel Talking Salon
A Santa made out of a starfish, purchased on some beach vacation.

Shout-out to Tertia
A beaded doll from a trip my parents took to South Africa.

Cock-a-doodle doo!
Foreground: A rooster my mom bought in China symbolizing Opie's birth in the Year of the Rooster (there is one for each of us); background: A glass ball hand-blown by my brother's art-school roommate.

I'm not kidding about this
From my paternal grandmother's collection. She collected outhouses. Somewhere we have a tabletop outhouse featuring Santa with his pants around his ankles.

This isn't the only trash-picked item on the tree
Trash-picked from the dump on Martha's Vineyard.

What he did in retirement
Needlepointed by my paternal grandfather.

Dig that 70s groove
Left: A cloth doll made by one of my childhood babysitters. Right (hard to see): a porcelain German Shepherd that looks slightly like our mutt.

Cheep cheep!
Hand-made by my sister-in-law Amy. These little guys were the motif from their wedding, appearing on the invitations, place cards, thank-you notes, and (in 3D) on the cake. She made a set of these for everyone in the family the Christmas they got married.

I heart NY
A memento of our NYC days. The only toddler ornament casualty so far: Opie thought it was the real thing and took a bite.

Anyone know where I can get a blue 2005 version?
Not-overly-corny Baby's First Christmas.

The only copy of that portrait we have, since we were too cheap to buy the package
Top: Stained glass from the gift shop of the museum around the corner from our house. Bottom: "Stained glass" on yogurt lid from day care.
Don't forget Her Bad Auction--today through Sunday!


Suzanne said...

These are great! I love pausing over each ornament, reflecting on its history and explaining to my kids where it came from (till they lose interest, about 5 minutes into decorating).

mothergoosemouse said...

You have such unique (and I mean that in a complimentary way) ornaments. Ours are mostly hand-me-downs with significance only to me because I've been hanging them on trees since I was Tacy's age.

Please find the outhouse with the pantless Santa and take a picture!

Kate said...

Those are great! And wow, mayberry, you are quite crafty! (I agree that ornaments should have personal significance, btw - no Walmart purchased ornaments on our Christmas tree).

Binkytown said...

I love this! I might steal your idea and take some photos.

Then again I have laundry, christmas cards, cooking and blogging to do tonight. Maybe I'll do it next year :)

Magpie said...

That was really nice. I love fondling my ornaments as they come out of their boxes, and remembering where they came from and how much I like them. It's one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

TB said...

I love them and the meaning behind each one. The starfish is awesome and now you've given me a great idea for my next ornament project.

We had to downsize our tree this year since we are in such a small space, so we only chose the ornaments that have meaning to us and it was so much fun decorating the tree.

Jenifer said...

I really need to start my own families traditions.... our tree is pretty sad. None of the ornaments really have any "meaning" yet. Mostly they are just colored balls and some red and gold bows. I should start collecting ornaments so I have some "family traditions" to hand down as my children get older.

Damselfly said...

Aw, I love the starfish and the teddy bear!