Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What I learned on my Christmas vacation

I might actually be able to live on a vegan diet--if christmas cookies were allowed, and if I had full-time kitchen help.

An adult's gift can be more annoying than a child's, if your husband receives a didgeridoo.

My brother and sister are the only people who can consistently make me laugh until I cry. This weekend we revisited past favorite tunes such as the Music Facts Rap ("Bach was born in Eisenach/In sixteen eighty-five ... Ludwig/Beethoven/born in Bonn/had the crazy middle/name of 'von'"), an allegedly Pennsylvania Dutch song called Vas Ist Das ("Vas ist das, mein son, vas ist das vas ist das? Das is mein hat-racker my father dear...") and our elementary school song. We even had a special song just for grades K-2: "We are the primary division/The primary division/We are the primary division/We work and work and work/And then we play." Catchy!

When it comes to adult:kid ratios, 7:2 beats 1:2 or 2:2 any day of the week.

A toddler who is so excited by his bounty of trucks and plastic fruits and vegetables that he refuses to eat all day ... will not sleep all night.

I'm still working on catching up with all of you. Hope everything is merry and happy where you are.


binkytown said...

Ok- On a scale of 1-10 how irritating is the digiredo? My hus wants one BADLY and asks for one every year (why, I have no idea). He's totally hard to shop for and has a January birthday- thumbs up for a big surprise or thumbs down? (Merry Belated Christmas)

Mayberry said...

It's pretty irritating -- maybe a 6. But my husband loves it. If yours really wants one--I'd probably say go for it. Maybe set some ground rules about when he can play it!

Magpie said...

LOL about the didgeridoo!

Kate said...

Nothing like a didgeridoo to add a little Aussie flavor to the holidays. My suggestion would be to construct a sound proof wing of the garage!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Merry Christmas, Mayberry family!

You are so right about the 7:2 ratio. These last few days have been so much harder than usual -- I think because I got used to having so much help!

mothergoosemouse said...

How the hell did you get that didgerathingamajig on the plane?

We had the same problem with CJ in Breckenridge. Way too excited to sleep - night OR day.

And I agree - sibling humor transcends mere comedic entertainment. I may not have seen my brother in years, but we can still crack each other up with those old old OLD jokes that aren't nearly as funny to anyone else but us.

Mayberry said...

Oh no, MGM, the didgeridoo came to us. Among the many, many, many boxes the UPS man dropped on our porch was one very long, skinny one that held the damned thing. I'd been warned that it was coming and then I had to find a place to hide it for close to two weeks (I chose the screened porch--it worked.)

Jenny said...

I'm loving the bach rap.

krista said...

I love the didgeridoo!!!

I'm jealous.

Mick68 said...

I have had the "Vas ist das" song in my head for years. Your post is the first that I have found that has the same version we sang in elementary school back in the
70's. Nice to find someone else who knows it!