Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spared! (sort of)

Scene: Chez Mayberry Mom, Saturday morning, 9 a.m. Jeff and I have just finished planning out the day, to include grocery stop to pick up All-Important Shrimp.

PHONE: Brrrrrrrrrring!

MMom: Hello?

Nice Party-organizing Lady: Hello, this is NPOL...[pleasantries, weather, blah blah]...just checking in about the party tonight. Did you get the shrimp yet?

MMom: No, I was going to go later today.

NPOL: Well, don't. The budget is tight and we already have a lot of food, so we decided we don't need the shrimp after all.

MMom, weight lifted from shoulders: OK!

NPOL: Thank you for all your help!

MMom: Um, sure. See you tonight.

NPOL: See you tonight! Thanks again!


It actually gets better, though. Went to the party, it was lovely, food was delish, jazz band comprised of high-schoolers ($250) surprisingly good. Anesthesiologist who officiated at Opie's birth was there, told festive holiday tale of how he almost blew up his house last Christmas by burning 25 ft of bone-dry pine garland in his fireplace--the explosion shattered the doors and sent shards of flaming glass throughout his living room. Glad I didn't know this before he administered my epidural. Also in attendance, world-famous sex (or is it gender)-reassignment surgeon who just happens to live and practice right here in Mayberry!

But today (the day after the party)? Thus far? Three more emails. Two with spreadsheets. Only 363 days until the next gala!


Mom101 said...

You were spared shrimp duty? That's some sort of divine intervention, some karmic payback. You must have spared a cockroach in your past life or something.

mothergoosemouse said...

Ha! I'm still waiting for this year's invitation to the liquor luge party - you know, the one where the paramedics came last year?

And Liz is right - you've done all sorts of nice things for other people in your past, so this shrimp business is only the tip of the karmic iceberg.

Lady M said...

Oh excellent. Glad that you didn't have to go on the shrimp run, although Q would have happily eaten them all.

Interesting to see your doctor in his private life! At least you're not hiring him to work around the house.

Damselfly said...


So, would you go with this anesthesiologist again, knowing about the pine incident?!

TB said...

Who knew Mayberry was such a hotbed of gender reassignment. I mean, yeah, there are plenty of manly looking women up there, but seriously!

Also, lots of changes afoot with big corporation headquartered in Mayberry... Jeff's been getting all the scoop from his former colleagues/current clients.

Binkytown said...

WHAT? I don't even know if we have those kind of surgeons here! I mean, we must, but funny. This changes everything! Maybe it's not so Mayberry after all!

Kate said...

That's funny about the anesthesiologist blowing up his living rooom! Did you at least get drunk?

BlondeMom said...

Congrats on having the shrimp duty lifted from your shoulders! Sounds like a fun party. So I guess there are no photos on Flickr? ;)

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Sounds like a great party!