Wednesday, September 27, 2006

As a courtesy to the next passenger

...we suggest that you use your paper towel to wipe out the basin.

You know that sign in airplane bathrooms? I have a few more I'd like to have printed up.

1. As a courtesy to the next parent arriving in the baby's room after dark, we suggest that you remove toys from floor in the vicinity of the crib, and always be sure the backup pacifiers are properly stowed in the designated area for easy access.

2. As a courtesy to the next patron in the drive-through lane, we suggest that you confirm that your car is indeed in "DRIVE" and not "REVERSE" prior to leaving the window.

3. As a courtesy to the next patient, we suggest that after you pee in a cup and test your urine, you throw the cup in the garbage and not leave it sitting atop the toilet paper dispenser.

P.S. We can't believe we have to spell this out.

P.P.S. Eww.

Share yours in the comments!


mothergoosemouse said...

#1 - I'd like to add that while you are dressing the child for sleep, you can put the dirty clothes in the hamper and the shoes somewhere out of the way. They don't even have to be in the closet.

#2 - Are you okay? Is the car okay?

#3 - Grody to the max. I mean really.

Mine are as follows:

#1 - As a courtesy to your personal laundress (also known as your mother), please limit yourself to one daytime outfit per day. Preferably one that matches (but I may be asking too much).

#2 - As a courtesy to the next person who will use the bathroom, please replace the toilet paper. For the life of me, I cannot understand why I seem to be the only adult in this house who can do that.

Summer said...

As a courtesy to your fellow party guests, YOU should eat the cookie that your baby just mouthed and put back on the platter.

jennster said...

LOL- ewwwwwwwwwwww... and are you okay? did someone hit you?

Mayberry said...

Yes, someone did hit me, but I was fine (this was awhile ago). The car wasn't, but Drive-Thru Airhead had to pay for the repairs.

Her Bad Mother said...

As a courtesy to the individual who is responsible for washing and sterilising umpteens baby bottles and baby dishes and baby spoons each day, could you please not leave your dirty breakfast dishes in the sink every morning?

Momma to LG said...

As courtesy to people around you, if you have a DD boobs please get yourself some proper support! I just had to see a lady wearing the smallest tank top with a shelf bra...boobs hangin' down to her navel. YUCK!

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C said...

As a courtesy to your co-workers - work diligently and have self-pride but try to keep it to yourself - lest you sound like an over-zealous, over-achieving brown-noser.

Lady M said...

As a courtesy to the small child who will cry inconsolably if you don't give him your cell phone, please hide it in your pocket or purse before you come into our house.

movin'mom said...

First, I gotta go with your # 3, We took my son to the ER last week and he desperately needed a bathroom. There was one in the room we were in. He goes in and there was a bowl in the toilet bowl full of urine. So he goes out into the hallway and asks where the bathroom is, they said right behind you. He goes in and it's a second door to the same bathroom. His male nurse just laughs and says "Well...that's just wrong!"

1. As courtesy to the mom who rearranged and cleaned your room, please make the extra effort to reach those extra two inches and actually make it into the hamper with your clothing.

2. As courtesy to the youth of tomorrow please keep your language clean while leaving the school parking lot, it is understandable that it is difficult to explain the amount of homework you have without the F word thrown in 25 times.

3. As courtesy to all homeowners, please leave without any readings from the bible while trying to convert said homeowner who is just trying not to be rude.

TB said...

As a courtesy to whomever might be using the public restroom at the same time as you:

Please flush vigorously and often. Perhaps at home you enjoy stewing in our own stench, but it's a PUBLIC restroom for god's sake.

Please wipe the seat after you hover and sprinkle. That's just nasty.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm posting twice, so sorry if I do.

I'm new here and I love the topic!

Mine is: As a courtesy to the parent stuck washing dishes, please rinse so that the hour old cereal and spagetti sauce don't get caked on to the dish and need a brillo pad to get it clean...

Anonymous said...
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