Friday, May 04, 2007

Habitual blogger

My Mayberry homie Movin'Mom tagged me to tell you 7 facts or habits about myself. I've already done 5 strange things about me so these must be the ordinary things.

Habit: I have eaten the same breakfast almost every day for the past two years. (Yogurt, granola, and berries.) (Hippie much?)

Fact: I am appalled that I just used the word "homie." Pretend I said something else--something less ridiculous and more funny.

Habit: Whenever I eat lunch (or any meal) alone, I must have something to read.

Fact: I am a Name Snob. I will judge you on what your child's name is.

Habit: I always listen to NPR in the car. Even if it is one of those dopey shows like "Calling All Pets" or "The People's Pharmacy." (The only shows I can't stand are "Here on Earth" and the one with the really annoying doctor, Zorba Paster.)

Fact: Everytime I hear the name Ségolène Royal on the news all I can think of is "Royale with cheese." This woman might become the first female president of France! I am so sorry, Madame.

Habit: (Inspired by Sonia and her Q-Tips) I'm a little OCD about the order in which a.m. and p.m. grooming routines must happen. I discussed this with a friend about this once and she was totally on my side, though. Of course you have to put your lenses in before you do anything else, because otherwise you will get moisturizer in your eyes. It makes good sense really. Is it still OCD if I have good reasons?

Now I am supposed to tag 7 people. And you are: Kate, Mona, Kari, Elizabeth, Lisa, Tori, and anyone else who wants to play.


mothergoosemouse said...

Ditto on the reading while eating. Even at restaurants. And of course the lenses must be inserted before just about anything else happens. I wash my hands to insert the lenses and THEN step into the shower.

I am a little surprised by your use of the word "homie" though. I don't think I've ever heard you utter that one.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

omg. I totally *must* have something to read when I eat by myself. If I am in a mall, I will walk to the other side of the mall to buy a magazine before I will sit with my own thoughts for 5 minutes.

Kate said...

Thanks for giving me a topic to blog about other than houses, moving, job stress and kids! I've been suffering from writer's block all week, so my post will be up tomorrow.

And ditto on NPR, as well as the breakfast. I've been eating a bagel with butter every morning for at least 20 years. In fact, it will probably be on my list of "Fun Facts".

(BTW, nice new look!)

bubandpie said...

Contact lenses always go in LAST. I am amazed that such an important point could be misunderstood.

scribbit said...

Name snob? I'm with you, my sister knows someone who named their child Tyranny if you can believe it.

Then probably wonders why they don't get along with the other kids at the playground.

Lady M said...

It's not OCD it's efficient. You've just figured out the optimal process.

Like MMG, ditto on reading while eating. I almost can't eat without reading material, which is probably against all dieting rules, if I cared about such.

Kelly said...

Love the new look, and love NPR, too.

Lisa said...

Yes! I do the eat/read thing too.

And I'm kind of a name snob too. How funny!

Magpie said...

For breakfast this morning, I had yogurt, granola, dried berries and a fresh pear. I also read when I eat alone. And I always moisturize my face before anywhere else, because you wouldn't want leg grease on the face...

Jennifer said...

How can one NOT be a name snob?! The names people come up with!

And, I'm yet another person who must read if eating alone.

Bon said...

so, we're twins. neato.

i just finished my yogurt & granola, which i ate while reading blogs and laughing at people's (to my taste) ghastly name choices on BabyCenter's naming boards.

now i shall go and moisturize.

Lene said...

At least you admit to being a name snob. lol Most people deny it.