Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Mission

Area Forecast Discussion for Mayberry, May 13-14 2007

Sunday morning should bring homemade cards and pictures as well as hugs and kisses, however breakfast in bed seems unlikely at this point. Check updated forecast later. Mood sunny with occasional passing clouds of Annoyance or Whining. Outdoor play (as well as material gifts) may be limited by renovation and/or lake flies so make alternate plans.

In the afternoon, look for a cancelled baseball game family outing to be replaced by an ice cream parlor trip. Forecasters expect bedtime to be relatively uneventful however the threat of stomach virus in small boys requires us to recommend extra parental fortitude and defensive sleep acquisition; also note that child care will be an unavailable option for afflicted small boys on Monday.

Thanks to Jennifer for inspiring a new twist on the "what I did for Mother's Day" post.


theflyingmum said...

Every one of these that I've read has been completely different, and completely brilliant! Excellent forecast.

Lady M said...

Hope the forecast looks good for Opie's stomach condition improving.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

My son is sick too, yikes.

Any day a baseball game is cancelled in favor of ice cream is a good day, though, in my book : )

mothergoosemouse said...

Yet again I'm floored by the similarities between our younger kids - CJ spent Mother's Day feverish and puking. I would have loved a trip to the ice cream parlor, but no dice.