Thursday, May 17, 2007

Revelations of nerditude

My favorite Alaskan blogger, Michelle, tagged me to reveal 7 embarrassing things about me. Actually the theme was 7 things about me, teen edition, but by definition, most everything about the teen years is embarrassing, no?

1. This one time? At band camp? Actually, I never went to camp, but marching band, symphonic band, orchestra ... I was in them all.

2. I kept a log of what I wore every school day. I didn't want to repeat the same outfit too frequently. The log also came in handy on those mornings when I couldn't figure out what to wear.

3. I was supposed to take calculus my senior year. Instead, I took Spanish. The summer before, I took an intensive class so I could skip ahead to Spanish V. This was all part of a plot engineered to allow me to go on the annual spring trip to Washington, D.C. with a bunch of my friends.

4. I still had a babysitter up through my senior year in high school. Actually she was more of a chauffeur, since her main job was to drive me and my younger siblings to all our activities. She was the one who made us county fair snacks all the time.

5. For fun, my friends and I would go small-towning on weekend nights. This involved getting out a map, picking out a nearby small town with a funny name, and driving there. Sometimes we would take a picture of the sign or something, but mostly we wouldn't even get out of the car.

6. My best friend from those days is still one of my closest friends. We went to college together too, which didn't thrill me at the time (snotty me wanted to branch out a little -- guess who I clung to like a koala the entire first month of school?).

7. The summer after I graduated from high school, my family moved cross-country. That same friend had a surprise birthday/bon voyage party for me. She ordered a bakery cake iced with a bunch of private jokes and phrases we always used to say. This bakery would usually put the special cakes on display in the window. Obviously since this was a surprise party R. asked that the cake not be displayed. Not only did it say my name and all these quotes that only I would understand, it said SURPRISE on it. Do you think the bakery had any clue at all, and kept the cake out of the window? No it did not. Luckily I didn't happen to pass by the window that day.

Now your turn, if you dare.


jen said...

i love posts like this where glimpses and memories make the writer (you) all the more tangible.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

The clothes log is my most favorite. That is the *bestest*!

Lisa said...

I LOVE THIS POST. KNowing these things about you makes me adore you all the more!

Lady M said...

1) What instrument did you play?
2) Me too. Totally.
7) Really? That's hilarious!

Mary Tsao said...

#2 reminds me of me. Except now.

Scribbit said...

Well done.

I'm cracking up at your Stealth Spanish and koala-clinging.

Lene said...

Cute list!

I had to laugh at the list of what you wore each day. lol

Jennifer said...

A log of your clothes!?!

I used to rotate my underwear so none of them would get left out!

Yes, I'm a huge dork!

Her Bad Mother said...

Ha. You DO NOT want to know the extent of MY nerditude. Really.

Kelly said...

Small-towning sounds like sooooo much fun. (Though in high school I probably would have done that stoned...)

Bon said...

i have this sneaking suspicion that almost all of us who blog now were horrendous nerds in high school, or at least thought we were. i think you must have been a most charming nerd, and i love the glimpse behind the curtain of time.

Mrs. Wheezer said...

That is a great list!

mothergoosemouse said...

I kept one of those clothing logs too!

And I also opted out of Calc senior year (Pre-Calc instead) and took the fluffiest class I'd ever taken - Typing. I could already type like the wind; what I needed was an easy A.

TB said...

Number five actually sounds like fun, well, all but the not getting out of the car part. But what a great inexpensive and relatively safe thing for teenage girls to do on weekends.