Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crackberry portrait of a mother

Now that my mother is retired, she and my dad are traveling like crazy. A great deal of it is business (for her; she still does consulting and sits on corporate and nonprofit boards) and gigs (for him). My dad is 71 and incredibly fit and healthy but he seems to be very conscious of his advancing age. He is driven to travel a lot now because he is afraid that soon he will be unable to do so. Being recently diagnosed with prostate cancer didn't help, even though it is in a very early stage and is slow-growing.

So right now they are on a nearly two-week cruise around the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, southern Spain, and Portugal. Because of the cancer thing, and because my brother was in the process of making a big career decision (Mr. Vegan is moving to the land of chicken & cheese!), and just because she's an addict like the rest of us, Mom ponied up for some kind of international plan for her BlackBerry so she could stay in touch while she's gone.

This morning I got this (I added the link):
I'm occupying my mind by doing this message because if I look out the window of the bus, I experience sheer terror. We are coming down a significant mountain on a tiny road full of scary switchbacks--what is a big tour bus doing on a road like this?! Madeira is gorgeous.

I really think Mom needs a blog. Or maybe she should skip right to Twitter.

For serious, though (and I've said this before), I feel blessed to have a mom with a Life. Selfishly, I'd love it if she lived close by and could babysit at the drop of a hat because she never had any other plans. But she's given me (and my sister and my daughter) the gift of knowing that there are a lot of ways to be there for your children. Including ones that come with a keyboard the size of a credit card.

Thanks, Portraits of Mom photo contest and Parent Bloggers Network, for the opportunity to brag on my mom today! It's a Blog Blast, so you can post your own for the chance to win a gift certificate to a local photography studio.

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Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I love your mom.

the mama bird diaries said...

My mom has a life too. It's very cool.

And I like that your mom has joined the crackberry bunch. we are happy people.

Mrs. Chicken said...

My sympathies to your brother! Let me know if I can help him out at all.

PS - Your mom sounds super-cool.

nonlineargirl said...

Sounds like our mothers would get along. My dad is waiting for the day when my mom retires and there are no barriers to travel. As it is they take several good sized trips a year. In December they went with friends to Egypt. February they went to Patagonia. I think they only come home to show us their photos.

But maybe they would not get along. Instead of a blackberry, my mom has an iphone.

SUEB0B said...

That is too cool. My folks are the opposite - they never made a life for themselves after the kids left and they have had a really BORING 25 years of retirement.

Lisa said...

Your mom is so cool.

(My mom can't even turn on a computer and gets easily flustered trying to use a cell phone. So I'm very impressed by your mom.)

Lady M said...

She totally needs a blog.