Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Disproportionately pleasing

(With a nod to Bub&Pie for posts of this genre)

1. Pulling up a whole dandelion, without breaking the root

2. Little boy in red rubber boots, jeans, and no shirt

3. Strange bedfellows from song shuffling (tonight: Red Hot Chili Peppers followed by Music Together)

4. Giving the bottle of salad dressing a vigorous shake

5. Coming across weird tableaux created by little kids (currently: fire truck ladders carefully positioned in front of entertainment center, so that teeny firemen could rescue victims hiding inside DVD player)

6. So You Think You Can Dance? this week!

7. The first gulp of iced tea of the day

8. Swistle Baby Names. Why do I find this topic endlessly fascinating? But I do.

And you?


Heather said...

Pulling dandelions roots and all is sooo pleasing. Why is that? I feel like I should give myself a standing O every time it happens.

Lady M said...

So You Think You Can Dance - oh YEAH!

Song Shuffling: I keep a ballet class recording on my iPod so that I can do a mini workout in my hotel (back when I used to travel a lot). Now and again, I'll get a "grand battement" or "tondue" in between pop tunes, and it sounds so funny!

apathy lounge said...

Baby names, yes! I've got three boys and I'm totally done having kids, but I never stop thinking of name combinations for the ones I didn't have.

Magpie said...

Getting the whole root of any weed is enormously gratifying. I have a heinous weed in my yard that I rather love to hate. It's called bishop's weed, so I get down on my hands and knees and mutter about the stinking bishop.

Kimberly said...

I'm always so proud of myself whenever I pull out a blasted weed and get the roots, but dandelions are the most satisfying for sure. I've heard it helps to slowly twist them as you pull them out.

Alex Elliot said...

What's this about So You Think You Can Dance?! My husband and I love watching that show. Yes, I did mean my husband. I didn't realize it started up again! I hope my loyal fan status isn't taken away.

Mandy said...

Latte art.

The last mouthful of a phenomenal red wine.

Eating a Twix bar while driving my car.

Going to cheesy musical theatre.

nonlineargirl said...

*finding a favorite pair of socks is clean and ready to be worn

*drinking coffee in a thrift store tea cup with a blue flower on the side and tiffany blue inside

Tree said...

The strange little tableux is great.